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in·di·rect / ˌindəˈrekt/ • adj. 1. not directly caused by or resulting from something: full employment would have an indirect effect on wage levels. ∎  not done directly; conducted through intermediaries: the nature of the threat can be pieced together only from indirect evidence. ∎  (of costs) deriving from overhead charges or subsidiary work. ∎  (of taxation) levied on goods and services rather than income or profits.2. (of a route) not straight; not following the shortest way. ∎  (of lighting) from a concealed source and diffusely reflected. ∎  Soccer denoting a free kick from which a goal may not be scored directly.3. avoiding direct mention or exposition of a subject: an indirect attack on the Senator.DERIVATIVES: in·di·rect·ly·di·rect·ness n.