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fea·ture / ˈfēchər/ • n. 1. a distinctive attribute or aspect of something: safety features like dual air bags. ∎  (usu. features) a part of the face, such as the mouth or eyes, making a significant contribution to its overall appearance.2. a newspaper or magazine article or a broadcast program devoted to the treatment of a particular topic: a feature on Detroit's downtown fishery. ∎  (also feature film) a full-length film intended as the main item in a movie program.• v. [tr.] have as a prominent attribute or aspect: the hotel features a large lounge. ∎  have as an important actor or participant: the film featured Glenn Miller and his Orchestra. ∎  [intr.] (often be featured) be a significant characteristic of or take an important part in: this famous photograph is prominently featured in art collections.

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