Malplaquet, battle of

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Malplaquet, battle of, 1709. As allied (British–imperialist) forces under the duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugene laid siege to Mons, a French army under Marshal Villars moved towards them from the south-west. Unable to leave Mons until reinforcements arrived, the allies allowed Villars to build entrenchments to the north-east of Malplaquet. When the allies finally advanced on 11 September they faced heavy opposition, and although the French were forced to retreat, the costs to both sides were horrific. At least 12,000 French were lost, while allied casualties may have been more.

John Pimlott

Malplaquet, Battle of

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Malplaquet, Battle of a battle in 1709 during the War of the Spanish Succession, near the village of Malplaquet in northern France, on the border with Belgium. A force of allied British and Austrian troops under the Duke of Marlborough won a victory over the French.