Rotherham, Thomas

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Rotherham, Thomas (1423–1500). Archbishop of York and chancellor. Born in Yorkshire and educated at King's College, Cambridge, Rotherham was chaplain to the earl of Oxford (1461), where he met Elizabeth Woodville, Edward IV's future wife. This contact helped him to become keeper of the privy seal (1467–74), bishop of Rochester (1468–72), bishop of Lincoln (1472–80), chancellor (1474–83 and 1485), and archbishop (1480–1500). Involved diplomatically with France and Burgundy, he was present at Edward IV's meeting with Louis XI at Picquigny (1475). In Gloucester's coup following Edward's death (1483), Rotherham was suspected of being pro-Woodville, surrendered the great seal, and was imprisoned until after Gloucester's coronation as Richard III. Henceforth he had little political involvement except briefly as chancellor under Henry VII. He established a school in Rotherham and was a benefactor of Lincoln College, Oxford.

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Rotherham, Thomas

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