pop groups

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pop groups. A term normally relating to popular music since the 1960s, when a new form of British pop music emphasized small groups of musicians playing guitars and drums, rather than star soloists. Centring on Liverpool, it drew elements from rock and roll, rhythm 'n' blues, and skiffle into a strong rhythmic style. The most famous group of this period, the Beatles, produced their first record in 1962, while their 1967 album Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band exemplifies their musical range and the strong psychedelic influence typical at this time. In the late 1960s groups like Pink Floyd developed ‘progressive rock’, with complex compositions exploiting electro-acoustic sounds. The Rolling Stones and the Who were more aggressive, fostering a style that led in 1976 to punk rock with its noise, antisocial dress, and offensive behaviour. In the 1970s many groups adopted the Caribbean rhythms of reggae, an influence continued in the 1980s through the rhythmic speech of rap.

Eric Cross