Brant, Molly

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Brant, Molly

BRANT, MOLLY. (c. 1736–1796). Loyalist. New York. The sister of the Mohawk leader Joseph Brant, she met Sir William Johnson, superintendent of Indian affairs, in 1759 and lived with him until his death in 1774. They had eight children together. Hers was an influential voice in persuading many in the Iroquois confederation to side with the British in the Revolution. Her message to Barry St. Leger of Nicholas Herkimer's expedition to Fort Stanwix made possible Brant's successful ambush at Oriskany, 6 August 1777. Receiving an annual pension from the British government for her wartime services, Molly Brant settled with many other Loyalists in Kingston, Ontario, where she died 16 April 1796.

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