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fare / fer/ • n. 1. the money a passenger on public transportation has to pay. ∎  a passenger paying to travel in a vehicle, esp. a taxicab. 2. a range of food, esp. of a particular type: delicious Provençal fare. ∎ fig. performance or entertainment of a particular style: Hollywood fare. • v. [intr.] 1. perform in a specified way in a particular situation or over a particular period of time: the party fared badly in the spring elections. 2. archaic travel: a young knight fares forth.

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fareaffair, affaire, air, Altair, Althusser, Anvers, Apollinaire, Astaire, aware, Ayer, Ayr, bare, bear, bêche-de-mer, beware, billionaire, Blair, blare, Bonaire, cafetière, care, chair, chargé d'affaires, chemin de fer, Cher, Clair, Claire, Clare, commissionaire, compare, concessionaire, cordon sanitaire, couvert, Daguerre, dare, debonair, declare, derrière, despair, doctrinaire, éclair, e'er, elsewhere, ensnare, ere, extraordinaire, Eyre, fair, fare, fayre, Finisterre, flair, flare, Folies-Bergère, forbear, forswear, foursquare, glair, glare, hair, hare, heir, Herr, impair, jardinière, Khmer, Kildare, La Bruyère, lair, laissez-faire, legionnaire, luminaire, mal de mer, mare, mayor, meunière, mid-air, millionaire, misère, Mon-Khmer, multimillionaire, ne'er, Niger, nom de guerre, outstare, outwear, pair, pare, parterre, pear, père, pied-à-terre, Pierre, plein-air, prayer, questionnaire, rare, ready-to-wear, rivière, Rosslare, Santander, savoir faire, scare, secretaire, share, snare, solitaire, Soufrière, spare, square, stair, stare, surface-to-air, swear, Tailleferre, tare, tear, their, there, they're, vin ordinaire, Voltaire, ware, wear, Weston-super-Mare, where, yeah

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fare2 †go on a journey; get on (well or ill) OE.; †behave, act; happen. XIII. Now only literary. OE. str. vb. faran = ON. fara, OS., OHG., Goth. faran (Du. varen, G. fahren) :- Gmc. *faran, f. *far- : -IE. *por- (cf. Gr. poreúesthai proceed; also FORD).
Hence farewell int. (‘proceed happily’; see WELL3), orig. imper. phr.; also as sb. XIV.

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a company ready to travel, 1562; a troop; a multitude or swarm; a catch of fish; a load of animals, 1600; the cargo of a vessel, 1884.

Examples: fare of fish; of flatterers, 1634; of flies; of fools and cheaters; of pigs [a litter]; of travellers, 1562.

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fare1 †journey OE.; (supply of) food XIII; passage money XV; passenger XVI. orig. two words, (i) OE. fær str. n. = OHG. far transit, landing-place, harbour, ON. far :- Gmc. *faram; (ii) OE. faru str. fem. = MLG. vare, MHG. var, ON. fǫr :- Gmc. *farō; f. base of next.

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FARE Federation of Alcoholic Rehabilitation Establishments

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