Phoenician mythology

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Phoenician mythology Beliefs current in the Phoenician city-states of the e Mediterranean c.500 bc. The most ancient god was El, revered as the father of all gods and the creator of man. Closely related to the Hebrew Yahweh, he was a remote, benevolent deity, usually depicted as an old man, but was also noted for his sexual powers. Baal, the storm god and the god of fertility, occupied an important place in the divine hierarchy. With lightning as his weapon, he defended the divine order against the ever-present menace of Chaos. Asherah was generally seen as a female counterpart to El. Anath, the goddess of love and war, was the consort of Baal; a ferocious figure in battle, she also helped Baal in his many conflicts. The goddess Astarte was subordinate to Anath.