Stanton, Harry Dean 1926–

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STANTON, Harry Dean 1926–

(Dean Stanton, H. D. Stanton, Harry Stanton)


Born July 14, 1926, in West Irvine, KY; son of Sheridan Harry (a tobacco farmer and barber) and Ersel (a hair dresser) Stanton. Education: Attended University of Kentucky at Lexington; studied theatre at the Pasadena Playhouse.

Addresses: Agent—Bresler, Kelly & Associates, 11500 West Olympic Blvd., Suite 352, Los Angeles, CA 90064.

Career: Actor. Toured the United States with American Male Chorus; the Harry Dean Stanton Band (originally known as Harry Dean Stanton and the Repo Man), singer and guitarist; appeared in television commercial for Guess? jeans, 1986. Also worked as a tobacco harvester. Military service: U.S. Navy, served during World War II.

Member: Screen Actors Guild.

Awards, Honors: British Film Critics Award, best actor, 1984, for Paris, Texas; Screen Actors Guild Award nomination (with others), outstanding performance by a cast in a theatrical motion picture, 2000, for The Green Mile; DVDX Award (with others), best audio commentary—new for DVD, DVD Exclusive Awards, 2003, for Alien.


Film Appearances:

(As Dean Stanton) The Wrong Man, Warner Bros., 1956.

(As Dean Stanton) Rinty, Revolt at Fort Laramie, United Artists, 1957.

(As Dean Stanton) Private Miller, Tomahawk Trail (also known as Mark of the Apache), United Artists, 1957.

(As Dean Stanton) Jeb Burleigh, The Proud Rebel, Buena Vista, 1958.

(Uncredited) Hysterical patient in psychiatric ward, Voice in the Mirror, 1958.

(Uncredited) BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) MacFarland, Pork Chop Hill, United Artists, 1959.

(As Dean Stanton) Roy Janney, A Dog's Best Friend, United Artists, 1959.

(As Dean Stanton) Slave catcher, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (also known as Huckleberry Finn and Mark Twain's "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1960.

(As Dean Stanton) Dixey Gates, Hero's Island (also known as The Land We Love), United Artists, 1962.

(Uncredited) Member of Gant gang, How the West Was Won, Cinerama, 1962.

(Uncredited) Beatnik, The Man from the Diners Club, Columbia, 1963.

(As Dean Stanton) Blind Dick, Ride in the Whirlwind, Favorite, 1965.

(As Dean Stanton) Sergeant Dan Way, A Time for Killing (also known as The Long Ride Home), Columbia, 1967.

Eddie, The Hostage, Crown, 1967.

(As Dean Stanton) Tramp, Cool Hand Luke, Warner Bros., 1967.

Spook, The Mini-Skirt Mob, American International Pictures, 1968.

Sergeant Parker, Day of the Evil Gun, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1968.

Lanton Mills, 1969.

(As Dean Stanton) Randolph Halverson, The Rebel Rousers, Four Star, 1970.

(As Dean Stanton) Willard, Kelly's Heroes (also known as The Warriors and Ratnici), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1970.

What's the Matter with Helen?, 1971.

(As H. D. Stanton) Oklahoma hitchhiker, Two-Lane Blacktop, Universal, 1971.

Luke, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1971.

Luke Todd, Cry for Me, Billy (also known as Apache Massacre, Count Your Bullets, Face to the Wind, and The Long Tomorrow), Brut, 1972.

Jesse Dupre, Cisco Pike, Columbia, 1972.

Homer Van Meter, Dillinger, American International Pictures, 1973.

Songer, Zandy's Bride (also known as For Better, for Worse), Warner Bros., 1974.

Kiser Pease, Where the Lilies Bloom, United Artists, 1974.

FBI Agent, The Godfather, Part II (also known as Mario Puzo's "The Godfather: Part II"), Paramount, 1974.

Jack Burke, Cockfighter (also known as Born to Kill, Gamblin' Man, and Wild Drifter), New World, 1974.

Curt, Rancho Deluxe, United Artists, 1974.

Billy Rolfe, Farewell, My Lovely, Avco-Embassy, 1975.

Billy Winston, Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins (also known as Rafferty and the Highway Hustlers), Warner Bros., 1975.

Calvin, The Missouri Breaks, United Artists, 1976.

Faron Carter, 92 in the Shade, United Artists, 1976.

Lafkezio, Renaldo and Clara, Circuit, 1977.

Jerry Schue, Straight Time, Warner Bros., 1977.

Win, Place, or Steal (also known as The Big Payoff, Just Another Day at the Races, and Three for the Money), Cinema National, 1978.

(Scenes deleted) Police officer, Up in Smoke (also known as Cheech and Chong's "Up in Smoke" and Cheech and Chong: Up in Smoke), 1978.

Billy Ray, The Rose, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1979.

Asa Hawks, Wise Blood (also known as John Huston's "Wise Blood," Der ketzer, and Die weisheit des blutes), New Line Cinema, 1979.

Brett, Alien, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1979.

Vincent Ferriman, Deathwatch (also known as Death in Full View, Death Watch—Der gekaufte tod, Der gekaufte tod, and La mort en direct), Quartet, 1979.

Philo Skinner, The Black Marble, Avco-Embassy, 1980.

Sergeant Jim Ballard, Private Benjamin, Warner Bros., 1980.

"Brain," Escape from New York (also known as John Carpenter's "Escape from New York"), Avco-Embassy, 1981.

Dr. Oliver Ludwig, Young Doctors in Love, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1982.

Moe, One from the Heart, Columbia, 1982.

Tough Enough, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1983.

Rudolph Junkins, Christine (also known as John Carpenter's "Christine"), Columbia, 1983.

Bud, repo man, Repo Man, Universal, 1984.

Coach Thomas, The Bear, Embassy, 1984.

Tom Eckert, Red Dawn, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists, 1984.

Travis, Paris, Texas, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1984.

Brother Bud Sanders, UFOria, Universal, 1985.

Voice of Brave Heart Lion, The Care Bears Movie, Samuel Goldwyn, 1985.

Gideon, One Magic Christmas (also known as Un drole de Noel and Disney's "One Magic Christmas"), Buena Vista, 1985.

Jack Walsh, Pretty in Pink, Paramount, 1986.

Old Man, Fool for Love, Cannon, 1986.

Himself, Deja View, 1986.

Detective Smiley, Slamdance (also known as Slam Dance), Island, 1987.

Eugene Cleveland, Twister, Live Home Video, 1988.

Loomis Gage, Stars and Bars, Columbia, 1988.

Henry Simmons, Mr. North, Goldwyn, 1988.

Saul/Paul, The Last Temptation of Christ, Universal, 1988.

Ike Baker, Dream a Little Dream, Vestron, 1989.

The Cowboy and the Frenchman, 1989.

Himself, Motion and Emotion (documentary), Jane Balfour Films, 1990.

General Hackworth, The Fourth War, Cannon, 1990.

Johnnie Farragut, Wild at Heart (also known as David Lynch's "Wild at Heart"), Samuel Goldwyn, 1990.

Carl Rodd, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (also known as Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, Teresa Banks and The Last Seven Days of Laura Palmer), New Line Cinema, 1992.

Redmond Layls, Man Trouble, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1992.

Roland, Cruise Control, 1992.

Gentleman Who Fell, 1993.

Himself, Warren Oates: Across the Border (documentary), Anchor Bay Entertainment, 1993.

Smith, Blue Tiger (also known as Irezumi), 1994.

Ernie Fontenot, Playback, Paramount Home Video, 1995.

Hollywood actor, A Hundred and One Nights (also known as A Hundred and One Nights of Simon Cinema, Les cent et une nuits, and Les cent et une nuits de Simon Cinema), Recorded Pictures Company, 1995.

Max Cheski, Never Talk to Strangers (also known as L'Inconnu and Spiel mit dem Feuer), Imperial Entertainment, 1995.

Eric, Midnight Blue, Motion Picture Corporation of America, 1996.

Lieutenant Howard, Down Periscope, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1996.

Himself, Ben Johnson: Third Cowboy on the Right (documentary), FBN, 1996.

Ernie Fontenot, Playback, 1996.

Tony "Shorty" Russo, She's So Lovely (also known as Call It Love), Miramax Films, 1997.

Cotton Harry, Fire Down Below, Warner Bros., 1997.

Himself, Monte Hellman: American Auteur (documentary), Vanguard Cinema, 1997.

Elton "Grim" Pinneman, The Mighty, Miramax, 1998.

Judge, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Universal, 1998.

Ballad of the Nightingale, Mainline Releasing, 1998.

(Uncredited) Land watcher, A Civil Action, 1998.

Lyle Straight, The Straight Story (also known as Une histoire vraie), 1999.

Toot-Toot, The Green Mile (also known as Stephen King's "The Green Mile"), Warner Bros., 1999.

Felix Perlman, The Man Who Cried (also known as The man who cried—Les larmes d'un homme), Universal Focus, 2000.

Cadillac Tramps, 2000.

Lost in the Pershing Point Hotel, Northern Arts Entertainment, 2000.

Leo, Sand (also known as Sandstorm), Showcase Entertainment, 2000.

Floyd Cage, The Pledge, Warner Bros., 2001.

Henry Wade, Sonny, Samuel Goldwyn Films, 2002.

Del Piero, Ginostra, Bac Films, 2002.

Slim, "The Cowboy and the Frenchman," The Short Films of David Lynch,, 2002.

(Uncredited) Blind man, Anger Management, Sony Pictures Entertainment, 2003.

Himself, Bukowski: Born Into This (documentary), Magnolia Pictures, 2003.

Himself, Hunter Goes to Hollywood (documentary short), Criterion Collection, 2003.

Himself, The Beast Within: The Making of "Alien" (documentary), Twentieth Century-Fox Home Entertainment, 2003.

Himself, Return to "Escape from New York" (documentary short), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Home Entertainment, 2003.

Himself, The Dream Studio (documentary short), American Zoetrope, 2004.

Pa Da, Chrystal, First Look Media, 2004.

Bob Rogers, Sr., The Big Bounce, Warner Bros., 2004.

Skip, The Wendell Baker Story, Wendell Distribution, 2005.

Cosmo Gadabeeti, Alpha Dog, New Line Cinema, 2005.

Television Appearances; Series:

Big Love, HBO, 2006.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Slim "The Cowboy and the Frenchman," Les Francais vus par (also known as The Cowboy and the Frenchman), 1988.

Shadrach, Dead Man's Walk (also known as Larry McMurtry's "Dead Man's Walk"), ABC, 1996.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Bentley, The Million Dollar Incident, 1961.

Whit Dykstra, The Intruders, NBC, 1970.

C. W. Douglas, Flatbed Annie & Sweetiepie: Lady Truckers (also known as Flatbed Annie and Girls of the Road), CBS, 1979.

Mike, The Oldest Living Graduate, NBC, 1980.

Emmett Perkins, I Want to Live, ABC, 1983.

Chancey Bellow, Monster Maker, 1989.

Harry Hook and song performer, Payoff, Showtime, 1991.

Frank Reed, Hostages, HBO, 1993.

Hal Smith, Against the Wall, HBO, 1994.

Smith, Blue Tiger (also known as Irezuma), HBO, 1994.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Jelly, The Dangerous Days of Kiowa Jones, 1966.

Roy Orbison Tribute to Benefit the Homeless, Showtime, 1990.

Moe "Tricks," Hotel Room (also known as David Lynch's "Hotel Room"), HBO, 1993.

Narrator, The Band (documentary), Arts and Entertainment, 1996.

Narrator, Tobacco Blues (documentary), PBS, 1988.

Dwight's Video Bio, CMT, 1999.

Himself/"Brett," Alien Evolution (documentary), Channel 4 (England), 2001.

Himself, Sam Peckinpah's West: Legacy of a Hollywood Renegade (documentary), Starz, 2004.

Himself, A&E Biography: Steven Seagal (documentary), Arts and Entertainment, 2005.

Also appeared in Stranger in the House.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

"Suzuki Beane," The Victor Borge Comedy Theatre, 1962.

Postmark, 1963.

Elder Rhulon Grant, Big Love, HBO, 2006.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

(As Dean Stanton) Bill, "Four O'Clock," Suspicions, 1957.

(As Dean Stanton) Alvy, "The Cabin," Gunsmoke, CBS, 1958.

(As Dean Stanton) Robert, "To Sit in Judgement, Zane Grey Theater, CBS, 1958.

(As Dean Stanton) Clint Dirkson, "Decision of Rin Tin Tin," The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin, 1958.

(As Dean Stanton) Clint Dirkson, "Escape to Danger," The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin, 1958.

"The Jacob Loveless Case," The Court of Last Resort, 1958.

(As Dean Stanton) Frank Kaler, "The Troubled Town," The Texan, 1958.

Jay Simms, "Deadline," Bat Masterson, 1959.

(As Dean Stanton) Clemmie Martin, "Tension," The Rifleman, 1959.

(As Dean Stanton) Barloft, "Incident at the Buffalo Smokehouse," Rawhide, 1959.

"Dark Verdict," Laramie, 1959.

(As Dean Stanton) Stoneman, "Treasure Trail," Have Gun—Will Travel, 1959.

"War Correspondent," Adventure Showcase, 1959.

(As Dean Stanton) Maxy Margolis, "The Poison Ivy Story," The Lawless Years, 1959.

(As Dean Stanton) Chad Bisbee, "Blue Norther," The Texan, 1959.

(As Dean Stanton) Tommy Fuller, "Music to Murder By," Lock Up, 1959.

(As Dean Stanton) Rafe Daniels, "The Hanging Judge," Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse, 1959.

(As Dean Stanton) Toby, "So Young the Savage Land," Zane Grey Theater, CBS, 1960.

(As Dean Stanton) Frank Brogger, "The Gunslinger," Johnny Ringo, 1960.

Blind newspaper seller, "The Noise of Death," The Untouchables, 1960.

(As Dean Stanton) Sonny Blakey, "Diamond Cut Diamond," The Man from Blackhawk, 1960.

(As Dean Stanton) "Escape to Sonoita," Alfred Hitchcock Presents, 1960.

(As Dean Stanton) Private Brock, "Ambush," Zane Grey Theater, CBS, 1961.

(As Dean Stanton) "Cactus Lady," Laramie, 1961.

Harley, "Love Thy Neighbor," Gunsmoke, CBS, 1961.

Picolo, "Augie 'The Banker' Ciamino," The Untouchables, ABC, 1961.

(As Dean Stanton) Fletcher, "Storm Over Eden," Zane Grey Theater, CBS, 1961.

Moxie, "90-Proof Dame," The Untouchables, ABC, 1961.

(As Dean Stanton) Leroy Parker, "Old Yellow Boots," Gunsmoke, CBS, 1961.

(As Dean Stanton) Billy, "The Dark Gate," Bonanza, 1961.

"The Enemy," The Law and Mr. Jones, 1961.

(As Dean Stanton) Tommy Ryan, "Blood Brothers," The Lawless Years, 1961.

(As Dean Stanton) Nate Eliot, "The Boys," Gunsmoke, CBS, 1962.

(As Dean Stanton) Beecham, "A Day in June," Combat!, ABC, 1962.

(As Dean Stanton) "Incident of the Lost Woman," Rawhide, 1962.

(As Dean Stanton) "The Confederate Express," Laramie, 1962.

Slim Wilder, "The Waiting Room," Have Gun—Will Travel, 1962.

(As Dean Stanton) Singer, "Heart is a Handout," Checkmate, 1962.

(As Dean Stanton) Dell Tindall, "Point of Honor," Stoney Burke, 1962.

(As Dean Stanton) Nick Crider, "Nobody Dies on Sunday," Empire, 1963.

(As Dean Stanton) Dexter, "Incident of the Prophecy," Rawhide, 1963.

(As Dean Stanton) Styles, "The Way of Aaron," Bonanza, 1963.

(As Dean Stanton) Young card player, "Tobe," Gunsmoke, 1963.

(As Dean Stanton) Jeb Girty, "A Short Walk to Salem," Daniel Boone, 1964.

(As Dean Stanton) Leader, "Comanches Is Soft," Gunsmoke, CBS, 1964.

(As Dean Stanton) Randy, "Moon Child," The Fugitive, 1965.

(As Dean Stanton) Quince Logan, "The Debt," A Man Called Shenandoah, 1965.

(As Dean Stanton) Swain, "By Force and Violence," The Big Valley, ABC, 1966.

(As Dean Stanton) "A Pig in a Poke," Green Acres, 1966.

Dayton Skagg, "Frank Merriwell," Vacation Playhouse, 1966.

Luther Happ, "Till the End of the Night," Cimarron Strip, 1967.

(As Dean Stanton) Lucius Brand, "The Night of the Hangman," The Wild, Wild West, CBS, 1967.

(As Dean Stanton) J. J. Kates, "Meeting at Devil's Fork," The Guns of Will Sonnett, 1967.

Proprietor, "Howard's New Life," The Andy Griffith Show, 1967.

(As Dean Stanton) Johnny Faro, "Gold Is Where You Leave It," The High Chaparral, 1968.

(As Dean Stanton) Hodge, "Johnny Cross," Gunsmoke, CBS, 1968.

(As Dean Stanton) Clint Daggert, "Ride to Misadventure," The Virginian, 1968.

Dean Hill, "Who Will Dig the Graves?," Mannix, 1968.

(As Dean Stanton) "Pineapple Rose," The Name of the Game, 1968.

(As Dean Stanton) Ringo, "One of Our Chickens Is Missing," Petticoat Junction, 1969.

Henry Fletcher, "Log 22 … so this little guy goes into a bar, and …," Adam-12, 1969.

"Dead Man's Hand: Parts 1 & 2," Young Maverick, CBS, 1979.

"Star Peepers," Laverne and Shirley, 1982.

Late Night with David Letterman, NBC, 1984.

Host, Saturday Night Live, NBC, 1986.

Title role, "Rip Van Winkle," Faerie Tale Theatre, Showtime, 1987.

Lou Boca, "Tricks," Hotel Room, 1993.

Larry King Live, CNN, 2004.

Himself, "Back Off Mary Poppins," Two and a Half Men, CBS, 2004.

Also appeared in Sin City Spectacular, FX.


Music Videos:

Procol Harum's "A Whiter Shade of Pale," late 1980s.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's "Stop," 2003.

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