Pennell, Larry

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Pennell, Larry

(Alessandro Pennelli)


Addresses: Agent—GVA Talent Agency, 9229 Sunset Blvd., Suite 320, Hollywood, CA 90069.

Career: Actor.

Awards, Honors: Method Fest Award, best actor in a short film, 2002, for 5 Minutes.


Television Appearances; Series:

Ted McKeever, Ripcord, syndicated, 1962.

Dash Riprock, a recurring role, The Beverly Hillbillies, CBS, between 1965 and 1969.

Keith Holden, Lassie (also known as Jeff's Collie and Timmy and Lassie), syndicated, 1973–74.

Hank Pulaski, General Hospital, ABC, 1991.

Judge Chet Ashford, The Young and the Restless (also known as Y&R), CBS, 1997.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Bill Holmes, City Beneath the Sea (also known as One Hour to Doomsday), NBC, 1971.

Lassie: Joyous Sound, 1972.

Dave Fletcher, "Adventure in Satan's Canyon," Disneyland (also known as Disney's Wonderful World, The Disney Sunday Movie, The Magical World of Disney, Walt Disney, Walt Disney Presents, Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color, and The Wonderful World of Disney), NBC, 1974.

Elvis, ABC, 1979.

Shepherd, Donovan's Kid, The Disney Channel, 1979.

Clark Gable, Marilyn: The Untold Story, ABC, 1980.

Chief Barrett, The Night the Bridge Fell Down, NBC, 1983.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Walter Kellen, "The Invitation," General Electric Theatre (also known as G.E. Theatre), CBS, 1956.

Bruce, "Teacher," Studio 57 (also known as Heinz Studio 57), syndicated, 1956.

Johnny, "The Deep End," Wire Service (also known as Deadline for Action), ABC, 1956.

Bob Matson, "Man of Action," West Point (also known as The West Point Story), CBS, 1956.

"Cold Peril," West Point (also known as The West Point Story), CBS, 1957.

Bill Doofin, "The Assassin," Tombstone Territory, ABC, 1958.

Creed Pearce, "Blood Feud," The Rough Riders, ABC, 1958.

Drew McGowan, "McGowan's Debt," Cimarron City, NBC, 1958.

Elliot, "The Doris Winslow Story," The Millionaire (also known as If You Had a Million), CBS, 1958.

Corporal Henry Carver, "Comanche," Have Gun—Will Travel, CBS, 1959.

"The Raft," Adventures in Paradise, ABC, 1959.

Larry Maxwell, "Millionaire Larry Maxwell," The Millionaire (also known as If You Had a Million), CBS, 1960.

Harry Seattle, "Kangaroo Court," The Alaskans, ABC, 1960.

Ben Hardie, "Kid Brother," Tales of Wells Fargo, NBC, 1960.

Tyler Stack, "Paradivers," The Aquanauts (also known as Malibu Run), CBS, 1960.

Roner Maxwell, "Queen of the High-Graders," Death Valley Days (also known as Call of the West, The Pioneers, Trails West, and Western Star Theatre), syndicated, 1960.

Rule Lukas, "Sure Thing, Men," Klondike, NBC, 1960.

Tully, "The Black Wagon," Zane Grey Theatre (also known as Dick Powell's "Zane Grey Theatre" and The Westerners), CBS, 1960.

Bob Dalton, "The Daltons Must Die: Parts 1 & 2," Outlaws, NBC, 1961.

Larry Weeks, "Late Date," Thriller (also known as Boris Karloff's "Thriller"), NBC, 1961.

"Design for Death," The Case of the Dangerous Robin, 1961.

Cal Beamus, "Jeopardy at Jackson Hole," Bat Masterson, NBC, 1961.

"The Meet," Sea Hunt, syndicated, 1961.

Marshal Trace McCloud, "The Trace McCloud Story," Wagon Train (also known as Major Adams, Trail master), ABC, 1964.

Dr. Evan Marshall, "The Mutant," The Outer Limits, ABC, 1964.

John Chambers, "Bad Little Rich Girl," Mr. Broadway, CBS, 1964.

Wally Koerner, "The Dark Challenge," The Virginian (also known as The Men from Shiloh), NBC, 1964.

Phil Scanlon, "The Green Felt Jungle," Kraft Suspense Theatre, NBC, 1965.

Tuck Fraser, "I Killed Jason McCord," Branded, NBC, 1965.

Brady, "Sacrifice!," Blue Light, ABC, 1966.

Jack Kilbain, "The Price of Victory," The Big Valley, ABC, 1967.

"Requiem for a Ranger," Rango, ABC, 1967.

Carl Rand, "Bitter Harvest," The Virginian (also known as The Men from Shiloh), NBC, 1967.

Chief Yellow Hawk, "To the Death," Custer (also known as The Legend of Custer), ABC, 1967.

Rapp, "The Deputy," Cimarron Strip, CBS, 1967.

John Anzo, "Police Commission—DR-13," Dragnet 1967 (also known as Dragnet, Dragnet 1968, Dragnet 1969, and Dragnet 1970), NBC, 1968.

Ben Akins, "Mr. Sam'l," Gunsmoke (also known as Gun Law and Marshal Dillon), CBS, 1968.

Chuck, "Howard's Hobby," Mayberry R.F.D., CBS, 1969.

Guard, "Six Hours to Live," Land of the Giants, ABC, 1969.

Troy McBride, "Return to Summer Grove," Mannix, CBS, 1969.

Karl Burroughs, "Homecoming," Mission: Impossible, CBS, 1970.

Ken Granger, "Heroes Are Born," Family Affair, CBS, 1970.

Agent Barnes, "Round Trip to Nowhere," Mannix, CBS, 1971.

Vic Whelan, "Death Is a Seven Point Favorite," McMillan and Wife (also known as McMillan), NBC, 1971.

Special Agent Peter Wade, "Operation: Spread," O'Hara, U.S. Treasury, CBS, 1971.

Charles Donaldson, "Operation: Good Citizen," O'Hara, U.S. Treasury, CBS, 1972.

School principal, "A Wrongful Death," The Streets of San Francisco, ABC, 1973.

Pete Biesecker, "No Stone Unturned," Banacek, NBC, 1973.

Sergeant Bill Carrington, "A Foreigner Among Us," Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law, ABC, 1974.

John Woolfe, "Trail of Bloodshed," Gunsmoke (also known as Gun Law and Marshal Dillon), CBS, 1974.

Henry Glass, "An Ugly Way to Die," The Rookies, ABC, 1974.

Agent Cushing, "Buried Alive," McMillan and Wife (also known as McMillan), NBC, 1974.

Griffin, "Gold Country: Parts 1 & 2," Little House on the Prairie, NBC, 1977.

Jack Martin, "Double Jeopardy," Magnum, P.I., CBS, 1982.

Norm Vogel, "Kapu," Magnum, P.I., CBS, 1986.

Clark Gable, "Goodbye Norma Jean—April 4, 1960," Quantum Leap, NBC, 1993.

Dr. Arthur, "Looks Can Kill," Diagnosis Murder, CBS, 1997.

Dr. Kurland, "The Wedge," Silk Stalkings, USA Network, 1997.

Murphy, "Shindig," Firefly (also known as Firefly: The Series), Fox, 2002.

Doggy Fizzle Televizzle, MTV, c. 2002.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Chris, Three for Danger, NBC, 1967.

Dash Riprock, The Legend of the Beverly Hillbillies, CBS, 1993.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Michael Orlin, Hunter, CBS, 1976.

Street, Salvage, ABC, 1979.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Sergeant White, Helter Skelter (also known as Massacre in Hollywood), CBS, 1976.

Film Appearances:

Oliver Brown, Seven Angry Men (also known as God's Angry Man), Allied Artists, 1955.

Wild Eagle, The Far Horizons, 1955, released as Untamed West, Citation Films, 1962.

Buddy Lewis, Hell's Horizon, Columbia, 1955.

(Uncredited) Novice knight, The Court Jester, Paramount, 1956.

(Uncredited) First soldier, The Vagabond King, Paramount, 1956.

Johnny Jargin, The Devil's Hairpin, Paramount, 1957.

Major Thomas, The Space Children, Paramount, 1958.

George Crandall, The FBI Story, Warner Bros., 1959.

(As Alessandro Pennelli) Ken Stewart, A 001, operazione Giamaicia (also known as Our Man in Jamaica, 001, operacion Caribe, and Scharfe Schuesse auf Jamaika), Universal, 1965.

General Jack O'Neal, Old Surehand (also known as Flaming Frontier, Old Surehand I. Teil, and Lavirint smrti), Warner Bros./Seven Arts, 1965.

Jim Noble, Brother, Cry for Me, Fine Products, 1970.

Frank Brady, The Great White Hope, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1970.

Sheriff, Journey through Rosebud, GSF, 1972.

Arny, The Revengers (also known as Los vengadores), National General, 1972.

Captain Cyril Simard, Midway (also known as The Battle of Midway), Universal, 1976.

Lee Dockerty, Matilda, American International Pictures, 1978.

George, The Man with Bogart's Face (also known as Sam Marlowe, Private Eye), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1980.

Rick Cahill, Personal Best, Geffen Pictures, 1982.

George Leahy, Superstition (also known as The Witch), Lightning Video, 1982.

Aix, Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn, Arista Films, 1983.

Bum, Hollywood-Monster (also known as Ghost Chase), Image Entertainment, 1987.

Clark Gable, Another Chance, Moviestore Entertainment, 1989.

Captain Scarcelli, The Borrower, Cannon, 1991.

Howie Gold, Mr. Baseball, Universal, 1992.

Trainyard laborer, Prehysteria! 2, Moonbeam Entertainment, 1994.

Grandfather, The Fear: Resurrection (also known as The Fear: Halloween Night), A-Pix Entertainment, 1999.

Potter, Forgiven, Emerald Cove Productions/KNN Productions, 1999.

Man with lamb, The Cross, Emerald Cove Productions/KNN Productions, 2001.

5 Minutes (short film), Rob n Rob Productions, 2001.

Truck driver, Jackpot, Sony Pictures Classics, 2001.

The voice, Rogue, Blue Box Films/Roxbury Projects, 2002.

Kemosabe, Bubba Ho-tep, Vitagraph Films, 2002.

Charles-Bulter, The Passing, Desert FLIX, 2005.

Father Conklin, Last Confession (short film), Montage Corporation, 2006.

Lauren's father, Seasons of Life, Vanguard Cinema, 2006.

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