Ladd, Jordan 1975-

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Ladd, Jordan 1975-


Full name, Jordan Elizabeth Ladd; born January 14, 1975, in Hollywood, CA; daughter of David (an actor and producer) and Cheryl (an actress) Ladd; granddaughter of Alan Ladd (an actor and producer); married Conor O'Neill (a film editor), 2001 (divorced, July, 2005). Education: Attended Southern Methodist University.


Agent—Innovative Artists, 1505 10th St., Santa Monica, CA 90401. Manager—Kritzer Levine Wilkins Entertainment, 8840 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 100, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Publicist—Pinnacle Public Relations, 8265 Sunset Blvd., Suite 201, Los Angeles, CA 90046.


Actress. Appeared in advertisements.

Awards, Honors:

Young Hollywood Award, one to watch—female, 2007.


Film Appearances:

Eliza, Embrace of the Vampire (also known as The Nosferatu Diaries: Embrace of the Vampire), New Line Cinema, 1994.

Alyssa, Nowhere, Fine Line Features, 1997.

Monica (Bette Davis's stand-in), Stand-Ins, First Look Pictures, 1997.

Summer, Inside Out, 1997, also released as part of Boys Life 3, Strand Releasing, 2000.

Gibby Zerefski, Never Been Kissed, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1999.

Mia, Taking the Plunge, 1001 Nights Entertainment, 1999.

Niki, Junked, Hollywood Independents, 1999.

Summer, Inside Out, released as part of Boys Life 3, Strand Releasing, 2000, originally released in 1997.

Shelly Madden (Nightbird), The Specials, Regent Entertainment, 2000.

Skye, Puzzled, MUSK Entertainment, 2001.

Dana, The Perfect You (also known as Crazy Little Thing), Screen Media Films, 2002.

Karen, Cabin Fever, Lions Gate Films, 2002.

Liz, For Mature Audiences Only (short film), 2002.

Arianna, Dog Gone Love, Lantern Lane Entertainment/Curb Entertainment, 2004.

Penelope, Club Dread (also known as Broken Lizard's "Club Dread"), Twentieth Century-Fox, 2004.

Sara, Madhouse, Lions Gate Films, 2004.

Danielle, Waiting …, Lions Gate Films, 2005.

Guest star, Diva Dog: Pit Bull on Wheels (short documentary), 2005.

Terri, Inland Empire, 518 Media, 2006.

First girl, Darkened Room (short film; also known as The Darkened Room), released as part of Dynamic: 01: The Best of, Subversive Cinema, 2007, originally released on, 2002.

Shanna, Death Proof, and Judy, Thanksgiving trailer, both released as part of Grindhouse (also known as Grindhouse: Death Proof, Grindhouse Presents: Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof," Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof," Quentin Tarantino's "Thunder Bolt," Quentin Tarantino's "Thunder Bolt!," and Thunder Bolt), The Weinstein Company, 2007, Death Proof also released separately.

Stephanie, Hostel: Part II (also known as Hostel 2), Lionsgate, 2007.

The stranger, Al's Beef (short film), Foe Killer Films, 2008.

Madeline Matheson, Grace, Leomax Entertainment, 2009.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Herself, The 100 Scariest Movie Moments, Bravo, 2004.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Waitress, The Girl Who Came between Them (also known as Victim of Innocence), NBC, 1990.

Waitress, Broken Promises: Taking Emily Back (also known as Broken Promises), CBS, 1993.

Letitia, Weapons of Mass Distraction, HBO, 1997.

Martha Hoagland, Every Mother's Worst Fear, USA Network, 1998.

Amber Lyons, The Best Actress, E! Entertainment Television, 2000.

Janet, The Deadly Look of Love (also known as Mine Forever and True Romance), Lifetime, 2000.

Avis Monroe, Betrayals (also known as It Was One of Us), Lifetime, 2007.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Kris Monroe as a child, Charlie's Angels (also known as The Alley Cats), ABC, c. 1980.

Bordello player, "Bordello," Love Street, Showtime, 1994.

Debbie, "The Return of Screech," Saved by the Bell: The New Class, NBC, 1994.

Fiona Richards, "One Wedding and a Funeral," Total Security (also known as Os vigilantes and Taeyttae turvaa), ABC, 1997.

Celebrity contestant, "Jamaica" (Parts 3 & 4; some sources cite Parts 4 & 5), Search Party, E! Entertainment Television, 1999.

Herself, Intimate Portrait: Cheryl Ladd, Lifetime, 1999.

Celebrity contestant, "Negril, Jamaica," Search Party, E! Entertainment Television, 2000.

Ginnie, "An Open Book," Six Feet Under, HBO, 2001.

Herself, The Wayne Brady Show, syndicated, 2003.

Voice of teacher, "Toy Meets Girl," Robot Chicken (animated), Cartoon Network, 2005.

Multiple voices, "Nightmare Generator," Robot Chicken (animated), Cartoon Network, 2005.

Voices of childlike empress, Jessica Alba, and Paris Hilton, "Dragon Nuts," Robot Chicken (animated), Cartoon Network, 2006.

Voices of Kirsten Dunst, commentator, and mother, "Rodigitti," Robot Chicken (animated), Cartoon Network, 2006.

Voices of Gretel, prostitute, and Wonder Woman, "Losin' the Wobble," Robot Chicken (animated), Cartoon Network, 2007.

Appeared as Cheri Bonnell in "Love Me Do," an episode of L.A. Firefighters (also known as Fire Company 132, Alerte rouge, and Extreme urgence), Fox; appeared as herself in "Pregnancy/Japanese Clothing," The Look for Less, The Style Network; and appeared in other programs.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Gina, Soul Mates, Fox. 1997.

Shaynee Saunders, Youth in Revolt (also known as MTV's "Youth in Revolt"), Fox, 1998.

Internet Appearances:

First girl, Darkened Room (short film; also known as The Darkened Room),, 2002, released as part of Dynamic:01: The Best of, Subversive Cinema, 2007.



Herself, Cabin Fever: Beneath the Skin (short documentary), Lions Gate Films, 2004.

Herself, Cabin Fever: Family Friendly Version (short), Lions Gate Films, 2004.

Herself, The Works (documentary), Lions Gate Films Home Entertainment, 2006.

Danielle, That Little Extra (short documentary), Lions Gate Films, 2007.



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