Kimmins, Kenneth 1941–

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KIMMINS, Kenneth 1941–

(Ken Kimmins, Kenneth Kimmons)


Born September 4, 1941, in Brooklyn, NY; son of Edward F. (a distiller) and Charlotte (maiden name, Duncan) Kimmins; married second wife, Lisa Raggio (an actress).

Addresses: Manager—Burstein Company, 15304 Sunset Blvd., Suite 208, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272.

Career: Actor, producer, director, and writer.


Television Appearances; Series:

Thorton McLeish, Dallas, CBS, 1982–1983.

Mr. President, Fox, 1987.

Jerry Fedderson, Leo and Liz in Beverly Hills, CBS, 1987.

Howard Burleigh, Coach, ABC, 1989–1997.

Dr. Bernard Klein, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (also known as Lois & Clark and The New Adventures of Superman), ABC, 1995–1997.

Also appeared in A Rock and a Hard Place, NBC.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Fuller, Moviola: The Scarlett O'Hara War (also known as The Scarlett O'Hara War), NBC, 1980.

Broderick, The Atlanta Child Murders, CBS, 1985.

Fogerty, If Tomorrow Comes, CBS, 1986.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Andy, My Old Man, CBS, 1979.

Dr. Lewis Halloran, The Henderson Monster, CBS, 1980.

All God's Children, ABC, 1980.

Joe Kimble, I Was a Mail Order Bride, CBS, 1982.

Duward Sandifer, Eleanor, First Lady of the World, CBS, 1982.

Bill, My Body, My Child, ABC, 1982.

Fred Burns, Your Place or Mine?, CBS, 1983.

Keith Mackerson, Emergency Room, syndicated, 1983.

Chief of surgery, Why Me?, ABC, 1984.

Network spokesman, The Ratings Game (also known as The Mogul), The Movie Channel, 1984.

(As Ken Kimmins) Dr. Barney Kay, Blackout, HBO, 1985.

Eugene Skerritt, Something in Common, CBS, 1986.

Gary Cole, A Fight for Jenny, NBC, 1986.

Principal, Help Wanted: Kids, ABC, 1986.

Booking officer, Love among Thieves, ABC, 1987.

Jake Spanner, Private Eye (also known as Hoodwinked and The Old Dick), USA Network, 1989.

District Attorney Randall Thatcher, Perry Mason: The Case of the Reckless Romeo, NBC, 1992.

Epstein, The Jennie Project, The Disney Channel, 2001.

Television Appearances; Specials:

(As Ken Kimmins) Mr. Lee, "Rookie of the Year," ABC Afterschool Special, ABC, 1976.

Uncle Paul, But It's Not My Fault!, ABC, 1983.

Howard Burleigh, Coach Retrospective: Mary Hart Goes One–on–One with "Coach," ABC, 1994.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Larry, A Rock and a Hard Place, NBC, 1981.

Mr. Donovan, Hardesty House, ABC, 1986.

Nell's PR Firm boss, Significant Others, Fox, 1998.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

John Henderson, "Murray and the Liquor Board," Archie Bunker's Place, CBS, 1979.

Blind man, "Episode 69," Soap, ABC, 1980.

(As Ken Kimmins) Wayne Craven, "Jennifer Moves," WKRP in Cincinnati, CBS, 1980.

Sam Girard, "'Tis the Season to Be Murdered," Hart to Hart, ABC, 1980.

Henry, "I Love You, Too, Smith/Mamma and Me/Sally's Paradise," The Love Boat, ABC, 1981.

Howard Cutler, "Hometown," Lou Grant, CBS, 1981.

"Bye, Bye American Spy," House Calls, 1981.

Keith Michaels, "The Silent Partner," The Fall Guy, ABC, 1982.

Fred Wilson, "Friends, Romans, and Accountants," Cheers, NBC, 1982.

Mr. Anderson, "A Hair of the Dog," Hill Street Blues, NBC, 1982.

Mr. Anderson, "Phantom of the Hill," Hill Street Blues, NBC, 1982.

Mr. Anderson, "No Body's Perfect," Hill Street Blues, NBC, 1982.

Mr. Putnam, "Animal Attractions," Newhart, CBS, 1983.

Councilman Barnett, "Footloose Mel," Alice, CBS, 1984.

Hal Rogers, "There Goes the Neighborhood," Hard-castle and McCormick, ABC, 1985.

Dr. Chase, "Life and Death," Dynasty, ABC, 1985.

Ford Stevens, "Steele Blushing," Remington Steele, NBC, 1985.

Reverend Wilkes, "The Many Lives of Jonathan," Shadow Chasers, ABC, 1985.

"Home Again," Our House, NBC, 1986.

Watson, "Once a Son," My Two Dads, NBC, 1987.

Mr. Dodson, "Beauty and the Babe," Rags to Riches, NBC, 1987.

Cooper, "No Hard Feelings," Night Court, NBC, 1987.

Officer, "Back to Oakland," Highway to Heaven, NBC, 1988.

Dr. Bradley Lawrence, "Fetus Completus," L.A. Law, NBC, 1988.

"Who Do You Truss?," Hooperman, ABC, 1988.

"Home," TV 101, CBS, 1988.

Bob King, "The Black Widow," Matlock, NBC, 1989.

Thomas Sefton, "Shallalagh," Hunter, NBC, 1989.

T. Mark Fitch, "Passion Plundered," Night Court, NBC,1989.

Doctor, "The Chimes at Midnight," Beauty and the Beast, CBS, 1990.

Doctor, "Invictus," Beauty and the Beast, CBS, 1990.

Pete, "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?," Empty Nest, NBC, 1991.

Harry Travis, "The Abduction," Matlock, NBC, 1992.

Surgeon, "Mr. Dreeb Comes to Town," Picket Fences, CBS, 1992.

Mr. Joffe, "Jay Is for Jealousy," Herman's Head, Fox, 1993.

Surgeon, "Strangers," Picket Fences, CBS, 1993.

Phil, "The Note," Ellen, ABC, 1994.

Harvard University dean, "Angel Gone Bad," Unhappily Ever After, The WB, 1996.

Henry Holmes, "The Accused," The Jamie Foxx Show, The WB, 1997.

(As Kenneth Kimmons) Mr. Walker, "Two Guys, a Girl and an Elective," Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place, ABC, 1998.

(As Kenneth Kimmons) Mr. Walker, "Two Guys, a Girl and an Internship," Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place, ABC, 1998.

Mr. Forsley, "Pyramids on the Nile," Ally McBeal, Fox, 1999.

Bob Brite, "Graduation," Clueless, UPN, 1999.

Daniel Citrone, "Contemptuous Words," JAG, CBS, 1999.

Mr. Hibbert, "Polterguest," Bette, CBS, 2001.

General Stanley, "Full Disclosure," The West Wing, NBC, 2004.

Also appeared as Mr. Kimble, "Domestic Bliss," Fired Up, NBC; in Doogie Howser, M.D., ABC.

Film Appearances:

(Film debut) Associate producer, Network, United Artists, 1977.

(As Ken Kimmins) Stanley, Thieves, Paramount, 1977.

Annie Hall, United Artists, 1977.

Maitre D', Shoot the Moon, Metro–Goldwyn–Mayer/United Artists, 1982.

Parkview hotel manager, Bachelor Party, 1984.

Officer Kenney, Invaders from Mars, Cannon, 1986.

Detention teacher, Some Kind of Wonderful, Paramount, 1987.

Mr. Capello, I Was a Teenage Vampire (also known as My Best Friend Is a Vampire), 1987.

Security guard, Stella, Buena Vista, 1990.

Wyler, Diplomatic Immunity, Fries Distribution Immunity, 1991.

Stage Appearances:

(Stage debut) Wally Myers, The Male Animal, Lakes Region Playhouse, Laconia, NH, 1960.

(Broadway debut) Charley Montgomery, The Fig Leaves Are Falling, Broadhurst Theatre, 1968.

All My Sons, Equity Library Theatre, New York City, 1968.

Adaptation/Next, Greenwich Mews Theatre, New York City, 1969.

Harry, Company, Alvin Theatre, New York City, 1971.

The Gingerbread Lady, Plymouth Theatre, New York City, 1971.

(London debut) Harry, Company, Her Majesty's Theatre, 1971.

Standby for Jimmy Perry, Status Quo Vadis, Brooks Atkinson Theatre, New York City, 1973.

Feldman, The Magic Show, Cort Theatre, New York City, 1974.

Mayor Shin, Music Man, Neil Simon Theatre, New York City, 2000–2001.

Also appeared in The Fantasticks, Sullivan Street Playhouse; Impressions on Love, off–Broadway production; Nasty Rumors and Final Remarks, Public Theatre, New York City; Twelve Angry Men, Henry Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles; The Normal Heart, Los Angeles.

Major Tours:

Harvey Greenfield, Cactus Flower, U.S. cities, 1967–1968.

Stage Work:

Producer, Just the Immediate Family, Hudson Guild Theatre, New York City, 1978.

Also worked as director and coproducer, Impressions on Love.


Stage Plays:

Wrote Impressions on Love, New York City.