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(Kenneth Johnson)


Born July 13, in Vermont. Avocational Interests: Competitive arm wrestling, motorcycling.

Addresses: Agent—Robert Shapiro, Abrams Artists Agency, 9200 Sunset Blvd., Suite 1130, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

Career: Actor. Worked as a model and appeared in commercials.


Film Appearances:

Dave, The Forbidden Dance (also known as Lambada, the Forbidden Dance), Columbia, 1990.

Greg, Mirage, New World International, 1990.

Chuck, The Webbers (also known as At Home with the Webbers and Webber's World), Den Films, 1993.

Dr. Davis, Enemies Within, Artist View Entertainment, 1995.

State patrol officer, Bushwhacked (also known as The Tenderfoot and Tenderfoots), Twentieth Century–Fox, 1995.

Heat–seeking Dennis, Blade, New Line Cinema, 1998.

Lance Pere, Major League: Back to the Minors (also known as Major League III), Warner Bros., 1998.

Archibald the Rainbow Painter (also known as The Homefront), Empty Box Productions, 1998.

Vincent, Bulldog, Hollywood Wizard, 2004.

Television Appearances; Series:

Lieutenant Butch "Burner" Barnes, Pensacola: Wings of Gold, syndicated, 1998–1999.

(As Kenneth Johnson) Curtis "Lemonhead" Lemansky, The Shield, FX Network, 2002—.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Anders, Sins of the Mind, USA Network, 1997.

Jimmy Joe, Going Back (also known as Under Heavy Fire), HBO, 2001.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Gary, "Ten Little Thespians," Shades of L.A., 1991.

Tracer, "Auto Erotica," Red Shoe Diaries (also known as Zalman King's Red Shoe Diaries), Showtime, 1992.

Skip, "June 15, 1997," Grace under Fire (also known as Grace under Pressure), ABC, 1994.

Harley, "Wrong Side of the Tracks," Boy Meets World, ABC, 1995.

Tony, "Kinky Murder," Under Suspicion, CBS, 1995.

Bill, "Caroline and the Ex–Wife," Caroline in the City (also known as Caroline), NBC, 1996.

Deke, "Over the Edge," Pacific Blue, USA Network, 1996.

(As Kenneth Johnson) Dr. Jake Lietman, "Blood Covenant," The Burning Zone, UPN, 1996.

(As Kenneth Johnson) The skater, "The Dream Masters," Sliders, Fox, 1996.

Brian McDonald, "The Odd Couple: Part 2," Just Shoot Me, NBC, 1999.

Detective Billy Zabo, "A Night at the Gashole," Ryan Caulfield: Year One, Fox, 1999.

Lieutenant Butch "Burner" Barnes, "Casualties of War," Pensacola: Wings of Gold, syndicated, 2000.

Lieutenant Butch "Burner" Barnes, "Return to Glory," Pensacola: Wings of Gold, syndicated, 2000.

(As Kenneth Johnson) Kevin Styles, "The Two Mrs. Thorsons: Part 1," The Huntress, USA Network, 2001.

(As Kenneth Johnson) Kevin Styles, "The Hunted/Vegas: Part 2" (also known as "The Hunted: The Two Mrs. Thorsons, Part 2"), The Huntress, USA Network, 2001.

(As Kenneth Johnson) Sonny, "Crossing the Line," 18 Wheels of Justice, The National Network, 2001.

Brandon, "The Way You Make Me Feel," One on One, UPN, 2002.

Bryan, "House of the Rising Son," Baby Bob, CBS, 2002.

Bobby Cherry, "Haystack," Boomtown, NBC, 2003.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

(As Kenneth Johnson) Curtis "Lemonhead" Lemansky, The Shield, FX Network, 2002.



New York Post, April 17, 2004.

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