DiCenzo, George (George Di Cenzo, George Ralph DiCenzo)

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DiCENZO, George (George Di Cenzo, George Ralph DiCenzo)


Full name, George Ralph DiCenzo. Education: Attended Union College and Yale University's School of Drama.

Career: Actor. The Acting Studio, Philadelphia, PA, founder and acting instructor, 1997; The Acting Studio, New York City, acting instructor.


Stage Appearances:

Frank Eaton, Whitsuntide, Martinique Theatre, New York City, 1972.

Mr. Grimes, On Borrowed Time, Circle in the Square, New York City, 19911992.

Film Appearances:

(Uncredited) House of Dark Shadows, 1970.

Sergeant, Going Home, MetroGoldwynMayer, 1971.

Patrolman, Across 110th Street, 1972.

George, Shoot It Black, Shoot It Blue, LevittPickman, 1974.

Eversull, Las Vegas Lady (also known as Raid on Caesars ), Crown International, 1976.

Major Benchley, Close Encounters of the Third Kind (also known as CE3K ), Columbia, 1977.

Lieutenant " Hardass " Grimsley, The Choirboys (also known as Aanglarna ), Universal, 1977.

(As George Ralph DiCenzo) Darryl Diggs, The Frisco Kid (also known as No Knife ), Warner Bros., 1979.

Captain Fairbanks, The Ninth Configuration (also known as Twinkle, Twinkle, Killer Kane ), Warner Bros., 1980.

Voice of Hordak, The Secret of the Sword (animated; also known as HeMan and SheRa: The Secret of the Sword ), Atlantic, 1985.

Sam Baines, Back to the Future, Universal, 1985.

Mr. Favio, About Last Night ... , TriStar, 1986.

DeFranco, The Longshot, Orion, 1986.

Philadelphia " Phil " Horton, Omega Syndrome (also known as Omega Seven ), New World, 1987.

Bob " Bub " Downs, Walk Like a Man (also known as Bobo and Bobo the Dog Boy ), MetroGoldwynMayer/United Artists, 1987.

Mr. Blackhart, The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking (also known as Pippi Laangstrumpstarkast i vaerlden ), Columbia, 1988.

Coach, Eighteen Again!, New World, 1988.

Mr. Marowitz, Sing, TriStar, 1989.

James Wald, Face of the Enemy, TriCulture, 1989.

Stedman, The Exorcist III (also known as The Exorcist III: Legion and William Peter Blatty's The Exorcist III ), Twentieth CenturyFox, 1990.

Wyden, Gypsy Eyes (also known as CIA Trackdown ), 1992.

Jerry, Lesser Prophets, Prophetable Films, 1997.

Jailor, Illuminata, Artisan Entertainment, 1998.

Mel, It Had to Be You, Regent Entertainment, 2000.

Byron Blades, Tempted, Gold Circle Films, 2001.

Boris, Hotel, Innovation Film Group, 2001.

Film Work:

Director, Belmont Avenue Social Club, 1999.

Television Appearances; Series:

Voices of Hercules and Sentinel One, The Young Sentinels (animated; also known as The Space Sentinels ), NBC, 19771978.

Voice of John Blackstar, Blackstar (animated), CBS, 19811982.

Lieutenant Edward DeNisco, McClain's Law, NBC, 19811982.

Voices, SpiderMan and His Amazing Friends (animated; also known as SpiderMan, Spiderman, and Spiderman 2000 ), NBC, 19811986.

Voice of HeMan, HeMan and the Masters of the Universe (animated), syndicated, 1983.

(As George Di Cenzo) Charles Dalton, Dynasty, ABC, 19841985.

Voice of Lou Albano (animated segments), Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling! (also known as Rock 'n' Wrestling ), CBS, 19851987.

Voices of HeMan, Bow, Hordak, and Sea Hawk, She Ra: Princess of Power (animated), syndicated, 1985.

Voice of Otar, Galtar and the Golden Lance (animated), syndicated, 1985.

Voice, Scooby's Mystery Funhouse (animated), ABC, 19851986.

District Attorney Arnold Bach, Equal Justice, ABC, 1990.

Stan, Joe's Life, ABC, 1993.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Zoot Lafferty, The Blue Knight, NBC, 1973.

District Attorney Vincent Bugliosi, Helter Skelter (also known as Massacre in Hollywood ), CBS, 1976.

Abe Singer, Aspen (also known as The Innocent and the Damned ), NBC, 1977.

(Uncredited) Captain Cornworth, To Kill a Cop, NBC, 1978.

Rothstein, The Gangster Chronicles (also known as The Gangster Chronicles: An American Story and Gangster Wars ), NBC, 1981.

Anthony Orsatti, If Tomorrow Comes, CBS, 1986.

Television Appearances; Movies:

(Uncredited) Underground tour guide, The Night Strangler, ABC, 1973.

Dr. Palmer, The Invasion of Carol Enders, 1973.

Owings, Last Hours before Morning, NBC, 1975.

Chief Reinhold, The Hostage Heart, CBS, 1977.

Bennet, High Midnight, CBS, 1979.

Cliff Barrankos, The Night the City Screamed, ABC, 1980.

Vincent Scozzola, Reunion, CBS, 1980.

Sam Caldwell, Killing at Hell's Gate, CBS, 1981.

Davis Bentlow, Cowboy, CBS, 1983.

Bowdish, Starflight: The Plane That Couldn't Land (also known as Starflight One ), ABC, 1983.

Scotty, Warm Hearts, Cold Feet, CBS, 1987.

Dorgan, Memories of Manon (also known as The Equalizer: The Mystery of Manon ), CBS, 1988.

Albert Nardone, Perry Mason: The Case of the Fatal Fashion, NBC, 1991.

Lance Fredericks, Down, Out & Dangerous, USA Network, 1995.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Voices of HeMan and Hordak, HeMan and SheRa: A Christmas Special (animated; also known as A Christmas Special ), syndicated, 1985.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Deceased husband, The Norliss Tapes, ABC, 1973.

Suramin, The Swiss Family Robinson, ABC, 1975.

Sam Downing, McLaren's Riders, CBS, 1977.

Sheriff Alfredo De Vega, The Jordan Chance, CBS, 1978.

Tony Caruso, Rivkin: Bounty Hunter, CBS, 1981.

Rudolph Ulmer, The Tom Swift and Linda Craig Mystery Hour, ABC, 1983.

Arnold Bach, Equal Justice, ABC, 1989.

Therapist, " Pilot, " Wonderland, ABC, 2000.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Joe, " Another Shell Game, " Ironside, NBC, 1973.

Newt, " Susan Was Evil, " Gunsmoke, CBS, 1973.

Jess, " The Predators, " Kung Fu, ABC, 1974.

Harry Stoner, " Tall Woman in Red Wagon, " The Rockford Files, NBC, 1974.

Cy Lando, " Foul Play, " Barnaby Jones, 1974.

" Blockade, " The Streets of San Francisco, ABC, 1974.

Mr. Bruce, " The Fires of Ignorance, " Gunsmoke, CBS, 1975.

Charles Caluso, " Killer on the Hill, " Cannon, CBS, 1975.

" The Coppelli Oath, " Baretta, ABC, 1975.

Harry Ferguson, " Be Careful What You Pray For, " Kojak, CBS, 1975.

Frank Ciano, " Dead Air, " The Streets of San Francisco, ABC, 1975.

" Breaking Point, " Police Story, NBC, 1975.

Ben Wiley, " Sole Survivor, " S.W.A.T., 1975.

" The Hit, " Hunter, 1977.

Roarg, " Countdown, " Space Academy, CBS, 1977.

" The White Collar Killer, " Most Wanted, 1977.

Len Jessup, " Requiem for a SaddleBronc Rider, " Hawaii FiveO, 1977.

Professor Kalei, " The Descent of the Torches, " Hawaii Five0, 1977.

" The Broken Badge, " Police Story, NBC, 1978.

Cornworth, " To Kill a Cop: Part 2, " Eishied, 1978.

Calvin Satterfield, " The Home Front: Part 1, " The Waltons, CBS, 1979.

Yuri Bloch, " Clash of the Shadows, " Hawaii FiveO, CBS, 1980.

M. Barry Aldridge, " Blind Justice, " Magnum, P.I., CBS, 1984.

Michael Gardner/Micky Baumgarden, " We're Off to Kill the Wizard, " Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1984.

Richard Margolis, " Final Escape, " Alfred Hitchcock Presents, NBC, 1985.

Patrick, " Merry Wives of Sheinfeld: Part 1, " E/R, CBS, 1985.

Andy's stepfather, Spenser: For Hire, ABC, 1986.

Johnny Blaze, " The Perfect Foil, " Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1986.

Max Merrill, Blacke's Magic, NBC, 1986.

Frank Dorgan, " Memories of Manon: Parts 1 & 2, " The Equalizer, CBS, 1987.

Bruno Dominic, " A Dance on the Dark Side, " The Equalizer, CBS, 1988.

John Yancy, Tattinger's, NBC, 1988.

Sergeant Kettler, " Harbinger of Death, " Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1988.

Mario Carboni, " The Sicilian Encounter, " Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1990.

George Wilton, " The Personal Trainer, " Matlock, NBC, 1990.

Ned Wick, " A Bullet through the Heart, " Paradise (also known as Guns of Paradise ), CBS, 1991.

Romon Palez, " A Woman Much Admired, " In the Heat of the Night, NBC, 1991.

" Pennies from Heaven, " Jake and the Fatman, CBS, 1992.

Eddie Palmieri, " The Working Stiff, " Law & Order, NBC, 1992.

Robert Stiles, " Nearest and Dearest, " Bodies of Evidence, CBS, 1992.

Inspector Lombardo, " Murder in Milan, " Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1992.

Gus Krieg, " The Black Dragon, " M.A.N.T.I.S., Fox, 1994.

Voice of Ubu, " Avatar, " Batman: The Animated Series (animated), 1994.

Lieutenant Harry Fogel, " Murder of the Month Club, " Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1994.

Mayor Stefenoni, " Sex, Law and Videotape, " Courthouse, CBS, 1995.

Pete Russell, " One Big Happy Family, " NYPD Blue, ABC, 1995.

(Uncredited) Pete Russell, " These Old Bones, " NYPD Blue, ABC, 1996.

Sam " Bunny " Russo, " Barter, " Law & Order, NBC, 1997.

Lieutenant Finestra, " Vendetta, " New York Undercover, Fox, 1997.

Judge Raoul Sabatelli, " SemiProfessional, " Law & Order: Criminal Intent, NBC, 2002.

" Kilt Trip, " Judging Amy, CBS, 2003.

Also appeared as voice of Commandant, Animaniacs (animated); various voices, Scooby and Scrappy Doo (animated).

Television Work; Series:

Associate producer, Dark Shadows, ABC, 1966.

Additional voices, Challenge of the GoBots, syndicated, 1984.

Additional voices, Wildfire (animated), CBS, 19861987.


Video Games:

Voice of Don Salieri, Mafia, 2002.

Voice of Ernest Kelly, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Take 2 Interactive, 2002.

Taped Readings:

Power Plays: Cutting Edge, S. & S. Audio, 2002.

Shadow Warriors: Inside the Special Forces, S. & S. Audio, 2002.

Heart of a Solider: A Story of Love, Heroism, and September 11th, 2003.