Cucinotta, Maria Grazia 1969–

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CUCINOTTA, Maria Grazia 1969–


Born July 27, 1969, in Messina, Sicily, Italy; married Giulio Violati, October 8, 1995.


Contact—United Artists Entertainment, 9560 Wilshire Ave., Suite 500, Beverly Hills, CA 90212. Manager—Ryan Entertainment, 1118 South Clark Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90035; Abrams Entertainment, 5225 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 515, Los Angeles, CA 90036.


Actress. Appeared in commercials and print advertisements. Worked as a model.

Awards, Honors:

Feature Film Award, New York International Independent Film & Video Festival, best actress in a dramatic feature, 1998, for A Brooklyn State of Mind.


Film Appearances:

Arabella, Vacanze di natale '90 (also known as Christmas Vacation '90), 1990.

Viaggio d'amoure (also known as Journey of Love), 1990.

Vacanze di natale '91 (also known as Christmas Vacation '91), 1991.

Olga, Alto rischio (also known as High Risk), 1993.

Possession, Comincio tutto per caso (also known as It All Started by Chance and La dove volano gli attici), 1993.

Abbronzatissimi 2—un anno dopo, 1993.

Beatrice Russo, Il Postino (also known as The Postman and Le facteur), Miramax, 1994.

Letizia, I laureati (also known as Graduates), 1995.

Susana, El dia de la bestia (also known as The Day of the Beast and Il giorno della bestia), Trimark Pictures, 1995.

Maria and Donatella, Italiani (also known as Italians), 1996.

Rita, Il sindaco (also known as The Mayor), 1996.

Gabriella, A Brooklyn State of Mind, Miramax, 1997.

Maddaelena, Camere da letto (also known as Bedrooms), Kidmark, 1997.

Il decisionista, 1997.

Alina, Ballad of the Nightingale, 1998.

Anna, La seconda moglie (also known as The Second Wife), 1998.

Cigar girl, The World Is Not Enough (also known as Pressure Point and T.W.I.N.E.), Metro–Goldwyn–Mayer/United Artists, 1999.

Aurora, Just One Night, First Look Pictures Releasing, 2000.

Desi, Picking Up the Pieces, 2000.

Guilia, Strani accordi (short film), Studio Universal, 2001.

Miria, Stregati dalla luna, 2001.

Maria, Mariti in affitto (also known as Rent–a–Husband), Senza Pictures, 2004.

Penelope, Vaniglia e cioccolato, Warner Bros., 2004.

Sara, Miracolo a Palermo!, Sorpasso Film, 2004.

Sotre clerk, All the Invisible Children, Rai Cinema, 2006.

Film Producer:

All the Invisible Children, Rai Cinema, 2006.

Television Appearances; Series:

Lucia, L'avvocato porta, [Italy], 1999.

Rosy Fumo, Il bello delle donne (also known as Il bello delle donne 2 and Il bello delle donne 3), [Italy], beginning 2002.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

La ragnatela, [Italy], 1991.

Alta societa (also known as Surviving at the Top), [Italy], 1995.

Abishag, Solomon (also known as Die Bibel–Salomon and Salomone), multiple European countries and PAX TV, 1997.

Television Appearances; Movies:

La signora della citta, 1996.

Izhira, Il quarto re (also known as The Fourth King, Die 4 heiligen Koenige, and Die Heiligen vier Koenige), 1998.

Luisa, Padre papa (also known as Die Geliebte und der Priester), 1998.

Lucia, In punta di cuore (also known as Nouvelle vie, nouvelle donne), 1999.

Maria Maddalena (title role; known in English as Mary Magdalene), Maria Maddalena (also known as Mary Magdalene and Jesus–Legenden: Maria Magdelena), Italy, Germany, and PAX TV, 2000.

Maria Maddalena (known in English as Mary Magdalene), Tommaso (also known as Thomas), Italy, Germany, and PAX TV, 2001.

Santina, Marcinelle, 2003.

Television Appearances; Specials:

(Uncredited; in archive footage) Herself, Best Ever Bond (documentary), Independent Television, 2002.

Television Appearances; Awards Presentations:

Herself, The 2004 European Film Awards, Television Espanola, 2004.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Isabella, "Isabella," The Sopranos, HBO, 1999.

Television Appearances; Other:

Odalisque, Indietro tutta, [Italy], c. 1987.


Video Games:

Cigar girl, The World Is Not Enough, 2000.



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