Cramer, Rick 1958-

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Cramer, Rick 1958-


Born June 6, 1958, in Marietta, GA. Avocational Interests: Motorcycling.


Agent—Susan Nathe & Associates, 8281 Melrose Ave., Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA 90046.


Actor. Military service: U.S. Air Force, served for six years.


Film Appearances:

Jesse Schultzman, Ricochet (also known as Besatt av haemnd, Harhaluoti, Ricochet—Der Aufprall, Ricochete, Rikoset, Verdetto finale, and Visszakezboel), Warner Bros., 1991.

Mr. Kenner, Showdown in Little Tokyo, Warner Bros., 1991.

Helmlich (Rancor terrorist), Spy Hard (also known as Agent zero zero, Agent 00, Live and Let Spy, Agent 00—Mit der Lizenz zum Totlachen, Ciplak casus, Dragam add az eleted, Duro de espiar, Duro para espiar, Espia " como puderes!, Espia como puedas, L'agent secret se decouvre, Mit der Lizenz zum Totlachen, Spia e lascia spiare, Spy Hard—Helt utan haemningar, Spy Hard—lupa laeikyttaeae, Szklanka po lapkach, and Tajni agent 000), Buena Vista, 1996.

First bus guard, Most Wanted, New Line Cinema, 1997.

Lieutenant Slavin, Counter Measures (also known as Crash Dive 2), Warhead Films, 1997.

(Uncredited) Scorpion leader, G.I. Jane, Buena Vista, 1997.

(Uncredited) Police pilot, Mighty Joe Young (also known as Mighty Joe, II grande Joe, Joe, az oriasgorilla, Joe—jaettegorillan, Kaverini mahtava Joe, Le puissant Joe Young, Mein grosser Freund Joe, Mi gran amigo Joe, Mon ami Joe, O grande Joe Young, and Poderoso Joe), Buena Vista, 1998.

Police officer, Facade (also known as Death Valley), Cinequanon Pictures International, 1999.

Commando, Air Rage, New City Releasing, 2001.

Test car driver, Rat Race (also known as No Brain Race, Course folle, Der Nackte Wahnsinn, El mundo esta loco loco, Esta tudo louco!, Rat Race—Der nackte Wahnsinn, Rat Race—Sk(r)attjakten, Ratas a la carrera, Rottaralli, Sk(r)attjakten, Ta todo mundo louco! Uma corrida por milhoe$, and Ueldoezesi mania), Paramount, 2001.

Colonel Gantz, Hidden Agenda (also known as The Osirus Project), Sterling Pacific Films, 2002.

Duty officer, Showtime (also known as Flics en direct, Showtime, policias en TV, and Showtime—Vegtelen & keptelen), Warner Bros., 2002.

Sergeant Wright, Nowhere to Hide, ICT Productions, 2002.

Mr. Thomas and German officer, The Battle of Shaker Heights (also known as I mahi ton fylon and O nerd vai a guerra), Miramax, 2003.

Ray, Venom (also known as Backwater and The Reaper), Miramax, 2005.

Tough man, Tailfeathers (short film), Stage57 Entertainment, 2005.

Ice hockey undead, Resident Evil: Extinction (also known as Biohazard III, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Resident Evil 3, Oeluemcuel deney: Insanligin sonu, Resident evil—La extincion, Resident evil: Tuho, Resident Evil—Vaeljasuremine, Resident Evil 3—A extincao, and Resident Evil 3: Extincion), Screen Gems, 2007.

Military police officer Rodriguez, Live Free or Die Hard (also known as Die Hard 4, Die Hard 4.0, Die Hard 4: Die Hardest, Die Hard: Reset, Die Hard: Tears of the Sun, Die hard—Vivere o morire, Die Hard 4—Retour en enfer, Duro de matar 4.0, La jungla 4.0, Poly skliros gia na pethanei 4.0, Smrtonosna pasca 4.0, Smrtonosna past 4.0, Stirb langsam 4.0, Szklana pulapka 4.0, Umri muski 4.0, Vis libre ou creve, Visa hing 4, and Zor oeluem 4.0), Twentieth Century-Fox, 2007.

Television Appearances; Series:

Officer, The West Wing (also known as West Wing and El ala oeste de la Casablanca), NBC, 2001-2003.

Various characters, Scare Tactics (also known as En skraek i livet), Sci-Fi Channel, c. 2003-2006.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Police officer, Drive Like Lightning (also known as Der Stunt seines Lebens), USA Network, 1992.

Second assassin, When Time Expires (also known as Mission Zukunft), Showtime and The Movie Channel, 1997.

Dennis Logan, Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County (also known as Alien Abduction: The McPherson Tape and Incident in Lake County), 1998.

Second police officer, Modern Vampires (also known as Revenant, The Revenant, Vamps, Revenant—Sie kommen in der Nacht, Revenant: Vampiros modernos, Sie kommen in der Nacht, and Vampiros modernos), 1998.

Pilot, Three Secrets (also known as Drei Geheimnisse, Secrets partages, and Tres secretos), CBS, 1999.

Chip (a Nazi), Pros & Cons, HBO, 2000.

Detective Lavin, Terminal Error (also known as Peace Virus), PAX TV, 2001.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Hans, Public Enemy Number 2, Showtime, 1991.

Fail Safe (also known as A prova di errore, Fail Safe—Befehl ohne Ausweg, Point limite, and Sin retorno), CBS, 2000.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Matt, "Bar Wars V: The Final Judgment," Cheers, NBC, 1991.

Third security guard, "The Last One Out," Knots Landing, CBS, 1991.

"The Two Renos," Renegade (also known as Renegade: The Series), USA Network and syndicated, 1993.

Ranger, "Breaking the Ice," Frasier (also known as Dr. Frasier Crane), NBC, 1995.

Second police officer, "Sleeping Beauty," Sisters, NBC, 1995.

Second donor, "The Unwed Mothers Show," Night Stand with Dick Dietrick (also known as Night Stand), syndicated, c. 1995.

Security guard, "The Contest," Baywatch (also known as Baywatch Hawaii and Baywatch Hawai'i), syndicated, 1996.

SWAT team member, "Blood Covenant," The Burning Zone (also known as Burning Zone—Expedition Killervirus, Burning Zone: Menace imminente, Vaaravyoehyke, and Zona peligrosa), UPN, 1996.

Earthforce officer, "Endgame," Babylon 5 (also known as B5), syndicated, 1997.

Lieutenant commander Gray, "Insult to Injury," Home Improvement, ABC, 1997.

McCormick, "Fathers and Sons," ER (also known as Emergency Room), NBC, 1997.

Military driver, "A Secret in the Neighborhood," The Burning Zone (also known as Burning Zone—Expedition Killervirus, Burning Zone: Menace imminente, Vaaravyoehyke, and Zona peligrosa), UPN, 1997.

SRT corps member, "Secrets," JAG, CBS, 1997.

Arnold, "Sharks, Lies and Videotape," Baywatch (also known as Baywatch Hawaii and Baywatch Hawai'i), syndicated, 1998.

Belac, "Scorned," Soldier of Fortune, Inc. (also known as SOF, Inc., S.O.F., Inc., and S.O.F. Special Ops Force), syndicated, 1998.

Blonde prison guard, "The Escape," Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction (also known as Beyond Belief and Strange Truth: Fact or Fiction), Fox, 1998.

Bobby Lee Sommerset, "Trackdown," Martial Law (also known as Le flic de Shanghai, Ley marcial, and Piu forte ragazzi), CBS, 1998.

Gunther, "Divorce-i-versary," For Your Love (also known as You Send Me, Foer kaerleks skull, and Tris di cuori), The WB, 1998.

Hans, "Under the Radar," L.A. Doctors (also known as L.A. Docs, Kliniken, Kohtaloni Los Angeles, and Medicos de Los Angeles), CBS, 1998.

Instructor, "What to Do with Vallery When You're Dead," V.I.P. (also known as V.I.P.—Die Bodyguards), syndicated, 1998.

Sergeant Jackson, "Rear Windows '98," Diagnosis Murder, CBS, 1998.

Steroid, "Vows," Seven Days (also known as 7 Days and Seven Days: The Series), UPN, 1998.

Ulf, "Pucker Up," Suddenly Susan, NBC, 1998.

Yuri, "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Season Opener," Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (also known as Sabrina and Sabrina Goes to College), ABC, 1998.

Chuck, "Big Brother Blues," Hang Time, NBC, 1999.

First mercenary, "The Vestige," Soldier of Fortune, Inc. (also known as SOF, Inc., S.O.F., Inc., and S.O.F. Special Ops Force), syndicated, 1999.

Hawkins, "Lost and Found," Sons of Thunder, CBS, 1999.

Nicholas, "Witch Trial," Charmed, The WB, 1999.

Ringo, "The Lynn Sisters," Walker, Texas Ranger (also known as Walker), CBS, 1999.

Stenstrom, "Superstitious Dick," 3rd Rock from the Sun (also known as 3rd Rock and Life As We Know It), NBC, 1999.

Guard, "Orison," The X-Files, Fox, 2000.

Seamus McGowan, "Two Eyes for an Eye," 18 Wheels of Justice (also known as Highway to Hell—18 Rader aus Stahl, La loi du fugitif, and Oikeutta tien paeaell), The National Network, 2000.

Big brother, "The Brothers," Special Unit 2 (also known as SU2), UPN, 2001.

First police officer, "Second Chance," Family Law, CBS, 2001.

Vince, "Minor League," Spin City (also known as Spin), ABC, 2001.

Second guard, "Lost and Bound," Charmed, The WB, 2002.

Third worker, "The Soul of Humanity," Power Rangers Wild Force, ABC, 2002.

Monty, "The Wild Bunch," 10-8: Officers on Duty (also known as 10-8 and 10-8: Police Patrol), ABC, 2003.

Mueller, "While You Were Out," She Spies (also known as B.A.I.T., Ele spioneaza, Kemcsajok, and Superespias), syndicated, 2003.

Himself, Mr. Thomas, and German officer, Project Greenlight 2 (also known as Hollywood naesta 2), HBO, 2003.

Second Nazi, "Mr. Monk Goes to Jail," Monk, USA Network, 2004.

Guard, The Young and the Restless (also known as Y & R, The Innocent Years, Atithasa niata, Les feux de l'amour, Schatten der Leidenschaft, and Tunteita ja tuoksuja), CBS, 2004 (multiple episodes).

Officer O'Bannon, "From Here to Paternity," ER (also known as Emergency Room), NBC, 2007.

Appeared in other programs, including appearances as Lucius Fowler, DiResta, UPN; as Dave, Moloney, CBS; as Marshall in Sweet Justice (also known as Alles schoen und Recht, Dulce justicia, and La loi de la Nouvelle-Orleans), NBC; and in Arli$$, HBO. Appeared as Helmut in "Das Bootie," an unaired episode of Total Security (also known as Os vigilantes and Taeyttae turvaa), ABC.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Kidnapper man, Vanished, Fox, 2006.



Himself, Making "Rat Race," Paramount/Fireworks Pictures, 2001.

Video Games:

Voice of first watch officer, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (also known as Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2—Yuri's Revenge), Electronic Arts, 2000.



Wrote the screenplay Miller's Prize.

Teleplays; Pilots:

Wrote the pilot The Pentagon.



Rick,, August 15, 2007.