Breck, Peter 1929–

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BRECK, Peter 1929–


Full name, Joseph Peter Breck; born March 13, 1929, in Haverhill, MA; father, a bandleader; married Diane Bourne, June 11, 1960; children: one son. Education: Studied drama and psychology at the University of Houston.

Addresses: Agent—Sterling Artists Management, 1836 West 5th Ave., #207, Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 1P3, Canada.

Career: Actor.


Film Appearances:

(Uncredited) Stacey Gouge, Thunder Road, United Artists, 1958.

(Uncredited) Ben Miranda, I Want to Live!, United Artists, 1958.

Chip, The Wild and the Innocent, Universal International Pictures, 1959.

Bob "Moon" Mooney, The Beatniks, Barjul International Pictures, 1960.

Frank Brennan, Portrait of a Mobster, Warner Bros., 1961.

Stephen Tremayne, Lad: A Dog, Warner Bros., 1962.

The Commies Are Coming, the Commies Are Coming (also known as Red Nightmare), Warner Bros., 1962.

Ted Glover, Hootenanny Hoot, Metro–Goldwyn–Mayer, 1963.

Johnny Barrett, Shock Corridor, Allied Artists Pictures Corp., 1963.

Steve Curan, The Crawling Hand (also known as The Creeping Hand, Don't Cry Wolf, and Tomorrow You Die), Hansen Enterprises, 1963.

Lieutenant Bunny Hodges, The Glory Guys, United Artists, 1965.

Broken Sabre, 1966.

Dr. Chapman, Benji, Mulberry Square Releasing, 1974.

King Leondias, The Sword and the Sorcerer, Citadel Films, 1982.

Ross Gilmore, Terminal City of Ricochet, Festival Films, 1990.

Mr. Watson, Highway 61, Skouras, 1991.

Sheriff Arnie Hatch, The Unnamable II: The Statement of Randolph Carter (also known as H. P. Lovecraft's The Unnamable Returns and The Unnamable Returns), Prism Pictures, 1993.

Dunkel, Lulu, Alliance, 1996.

General Turner, Enemy Action, New Horizons Home Video, 1999.

Tibor, La La Wood, Gold Circle Productions, 2004.

Television Appearances; Series:

Clay Culhane, Black Saddle (also known as The Westerners), NBC, 1959, then ABC, 1959–1960.

Doc Holliday, Maverick, 1960–1962.

Nick Barkley, The Big Valley, ABC, 1965–1969.

Jesse Keller, The Secret Empire (also known as Cliffhangers: The Secret Empire), NBC, 1979.

The Magus/Masters, General Hospital, ABC, 1982.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Dr. Halverson, Black Beauty, NBC, 1978.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Avery Porter, A Man for Hanging, 1973.

Sahm–Ir, I Still Dream of Jeannie, NBC, 1991.

Chambers, Yes Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus, ABC, 1991.

Chief Kelly, Sworn to Vengeance, CBS, 1993.

Wellington, Decoy, HBO, 1995.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Doyle Ranker, "The Farmers," Sheriff of Cochise, syndicated, 1956.

Sundance Kid, "Sundown at Bitter Creek," Zane Grey Theater, CBS, 1958.

Frank Weaver, "The Teacher," Have Gun, Will Travel, CBS, 1958.

Marshal, "The Doctor Keeps a Promise," Zane Grey Theater, CBS, 1958.

Sam Dixon, "The Lady Gambler," Tombstone Territory, ABC, 1958.

Fly Hoyt, "The Patsy," Gunsmoke, CBS, 1958.

Charles Dixon, "Lovely Lady, Pity Me," 77 Sunset Strip, ABC, 1958.

Kurt Sprague, "The Protege," Have Gun, Will Travel, CBS, 1958.

Alf Meadows, "The Tobias Jones Story," Wagon Train, NBC, 1958.

First ranchhand, "The Badge," Lawman, ABC, 1958.

Brett Dixon, "Take Me Home," The Restless Gun, NBC, 1958.

Roy Bancroft, "Day of the Killing," Zane Grey Theater, CBS, 1959.

"Treasure Hunt," Sea Hunt, syndicated, 1959.

Lou Norris, "Baker's Half Dozen," Hawaiian Eye, ABC, 1960.

Theodore Roosevelt, "Man from Medora (Sugarfoot)," Cheyenne (also known as The Cheyenne Show), ABC, 1960.

Sheriff Dan Trevor, "Destination Devil's Flat (Kelly)," Maverick, 1960.

"Big Town Blues," The Roaring 20's, ABC, 1961.

Mark Goodwin, "Thieves among Honor," Surfside 6, ABC, 1961.

Tim Winslow, "A Face in the Window," 77 Sunset Strip, ABC, 1961.

Theodore Roosevelt, "Yankee Tornado (Bronco)," Cheyenne (also known as The Cheyenne Show), ABC, 1961.

Hale Connors, "Trapped," Lawman, ABC, 1961.

"Everybody Loves Benny," The Roaring 20's, ABC, 1961.

James, "Legacy of the Lost," Cheyenne (also known as The Cheyenne Show), ABC, 1961.

Paul Burnette, "Portrait of Nicole," Surfside 6, ABC, 1962.

Ray Martins, "Aloha, Cricket," Hawaiian Eye, ABC, 1962.

Harry Sturgis, "Squeeze Play," Surfside 6, ABC, 1962.

Pete Bole, "Jailbreak," Lawman, ABC, 1962.

Mark Wade, "Nightmare," 77 Sunset Strip, ABC, 1962.

Henry Draper, "Retreat to Concorde," The Gallant Men, ABC, 1962.

Matt Kilgore, "Indian Gold," Cheyenne (also known as The Cheyenne Show), ABC, 1962.

Tony Chance, "Dark Decision," Cheyenne (also known as The Cheyenne Show), ABC, 1962.

Claude "Opie" Price, "Wolf, Cried the Blonde," 77 Sunset Strip, ABC, 1962.

Clay Elliot, "The Case of the Bluffing Blast," Perry Mason, CBS, 1963.

Jubal Tanner, "The Odyssey of Jubal Tanner," Gunsmoke, CBS, 1963.

Senator Orville, "O.B.I.T.," The Outer Limits, ABC, 1963.

Dr. Ted Dietrich, "A Feeling for Friday," Mr. Novak, 1963.

Ward Bannister, "The Cheating Game," Bonanza, NBC, 1964.

Jess Carver, "Rope of Lies," The Virginian, NBC, 1964.

William Sherwood, "The Case of the Antic Angel," Perry Mason, CBS, 1964.

Crispo, "The Mission: Parts 1, 2, & 3," Branded, NBC, 1965.

Peter Warren, "The Case of the Gambling Lady," Perry Mason, CBS, 1965.

Wiley Bondesen, "Connery's Hands," Kraft Suspense Theatre, NBC, 1965.

Lafe, "Hannah" (also known as "Men from Shiloh"), The Virginian, NBC, 1970.

Charles Morgan, "The Great Shell Game," Alias Smith and Jones, ABC, 1971.

Harry Cordel, "Crack–Up," Mission: Impossible, CBS, 1972.

"Why Is a Crooked Letter," Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law, ABC, 1973.

George Noland, "Downshift to Danger," McMillan and Wife, NBC, 1974.

"A Beginning in the Wilderness," Nakia, 1974.

"Murder by Fire," S.W.A.T., ABC, 1975.

Silver Cloud, "To Catch the Eagle," The Six Million Dollar Man, ABC, 1977.

Walter Melford, "Second Stanza," Vega$, ABC, 1978.

Casey West, "Cowboy/The Second Mrs. Winslow," Fantasy Island, ABC, 1979.

Hull, "The Lottery," The Incredible Hulk, CBS, 1980.

J. J. Sunday, "The Hack of Hazzard," The Dukes of Hazzard, CBS, 1981.

Himself, "The Human Torch," The Fall Guy, ABC, 1981.

Colonel, "The Angel's Triangle/Natchez Bound," Fantasy Island, ABC, 1982.

Senator Weyburn, "Girls for Sale," Masquerade, ABC, 1983.

Himself, "King of the Cowboys," The Fall Guy, 1984.

Reggie Marianak, "King of the Stuntmen," The Fall Guy, ABC, 1985.

"Mind over Matter," The Outer Limits, Showtime and syndicated, 1996.

Voice of Enoch Brown/Farmer Brown, "Critters," Batman: Gotham Knights (animated), The WB, 1998.

Wayne Berry/Captain Crimestopper, "Captain Crimestopper," L.A. Heat, TNT, 1999.

William Leverton, "Past Imperfect," John Doe, Fox, 2002.