University of Colorado at Denver: Distance Learning Programs In-Depth

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University of Colorado at Denver

CU Online

Denver, Colorado


For the student who wants to work on a degree to get ahead or who wants to take a course but has a difficult work schedule, CU Online provides an opportunity to take a course without having to rearrange schedules, commute across town, find a place to park, or sit in a crowded classroom.

Whether the student wants to start a degree, finish a degree, or just take a course or two, CU Online provides educational opportunities that meet these goals. CU Online is the virtual campus of the University of Colorado at Denver, with a variety of collegiate and professional development programs offering more than 200 courses via the Internet.


Students enjoy a greater scheduling flexibility than in a traditional classroom by logging into class several times each week at the times of their choice. Professors use cutting-edge technology such as streaming audio, video, and multimedia slide shows to present materials. Bulletin boards, live chats, threaded discussions, and other technologies let the student interact with their professor and peers.


Students take undergraduate and graduate courses in liberal arts and sciences, arts and media, business, education, engineering, public affairs, and architecture and planning. Complete online degree programs include a Bachelor of Arts in sociology and master's degrees in business administration, engineering (geographic information systems), and public administration, with more programs under development. Students should check the Web site for the latest developments. All of the courses may be applied to a degree program at the University of Colorado at Denver or may be transferred to a student's home institution, pending approval.


CU Online offers hybrid courses that meet on campus only half as often as more traditional courses, while the remainder is completed online. Hybrid courses follow the same faculty governance policies as the established on-campus courses.


Students benefit from a full range of student services, apply for admission, pay tuition, search the course catalog, register for courses, order textbooks, get academic advising, and apply for financial aid—all online.


Students may take credit, noncredit, and CEU courses through CU Online. The methods of evaluation are letter grades or pass/fail.


Four out of five full-time faculty members hold doctoral degrees, and many are actively engaged in their fields outside the classroom. CU Online faculty members are recognized scholars and researchers in their fields, with many years of teaching experience. Not only do they have real-world experience, but many are consultants, advisers, and partners to the leading organizations that frequently hire CU Online graduates.


Students living in the state of Colorado must be accepted to the University either as degree-seeking or non–degree-seeking students. Students living outside of the state of Colorado do not need to be admitted to take CU Online courses; however, if students wish to complete their degree through CU Online, formal admission must be made. Students may visit the CU Online Web site for further information regarding admission requirements.


Tuition rates vary between colleges and depending on residency status.

The University of Colorado at Denver is one of four institutions in the University of Colorado system and the only public university in the Denver metropolitan area. It is an urban, nonresidential campus located in downtown Denver. The University of Colorado at Denver was founded in 1965 and is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Most undergraduate courses cost approximately $160–$280 per credit hour for resident students. There is a $100 course fee that is added to each online course, a $5 fee for technology resources, and a $10 fee for the student information system. For specific information regarding tuition for online courses, students should visit the CU Online Web site.


To be eligible for financial aid, students must be enrolled as degree-seeking students at the University of Colorado at Denver. Students may contact the financial aid office for more information at 303-556-2886 or e-mail: [email protected]


For more information about CU Online, students should contact:

University of Colorado at Denver
Campus Box 198
P.O. Box 173364
Denver, Colorado 80217-3364
Telephone: 303-556-6505
Fax: 303-556-6530
E-mail: [email protected]
Web site:


Admission requirements vary by college and school. To find specific information about applying to the University of Colorado at Denver, students may visit the CU Online Web site.