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Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Office of Distance Learning

Lehigh University was founded in 1865. It is accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. It first offered distance learning courses in 1992. In fall 2003, there were 456 students enrolled in distance learning courses. Institutionally administered financial aid is available to distance learners.

Services Distance learners have accessibility to academic advising, bookstore, campus computer network, e-mail services, library services.

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Certificate Supply Chain Management

MBA Business Administration

ME Chemical Engineering; Polymer Science and Engineering

MS Chemistry; Manufacturing Systems Engineering; Molecular Biology; Pharmaceutical Chemistry; Polymer Science and Engineering; Quality Engineering


Graduate— biological and physical sciences; business administration and management; cell and molecular biology; chemical engineering; chemistry; industrial/manufacturing engineering; polymer/plastics engineering.

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To enable working professionals to pursue graduate and continuing education at work, Lehigh University's Educational Satellite Network (LESN) carries live, on-campus classes that are broadcast by satellite to students at multiple corporate sites. Companies partner with Lehigh to offer their employees the opportunity to earn master's degrees in chemistry, chemical engineering, manufacturing systems engineering, molecular biology, pharmaceutical chemistry, polymer science and engineering, quality engineering, and business administration (MBA).

Students express great satisfaction with Lehigh's distance education, particularly its convenience, quality instruction, and the University's responsiveness. This distance education enables students to receive the closest substitute to actual classroom participation possible–all on-campus courses are broadcast live to corporate sites so that students can interact on a real-time basis with instructors. All courses are archived, and students have access to Lehigh's state-of-the-art computer and electronic library systems. Lehigh distance students completing a credit program receive the same degree as on-campus students. Noncredit courses are also available.

In addition, LESN-Online offers distance education courses using streaming video technology so students can simultaneously view the instructor and course graphics. Lehigh's online programs include a full MS in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, an executive education program offering a certificate in Supply Chain Management, and a selection of individual business courses. Most courses can be taken individually for credit or noncredit, or as part of a degree or certificate program.

Since Lehigh began offering distance education in 1992, LESN has grown to serve more than 1,400 students at more than 40 corporate sites, including companies such as 3M, Air Products, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Glaxo Smith Kline, and Merck & Company.

Non-credit— business administration and management; business communications; chemical engineering; chemistry; engineering/industrial management; polymer/plastics engineering.

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Lehigh University: Distance Learning Programs

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