Degrees Offered by Hampshire College

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Acting, B

African Studies, B

African-American/Black Studies, B

Agricultural Economics, B

Agriculture, B

American History (United States), B

American Indian/Native American Studies, B

American Literature (United States), B

American/United States Studies/Civilization, B

Anatomy, B

Animal Behavior and Ethology, B

Animal Genetics, B

Animal Physiology, B

Animal Sciences, B

Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics and Special Effects, B

Anthropology, B

Applied Mathematics, B

Aquaculture, B

Archeology, B

Architectural History and Criticism, B

Architecture, B

Area Studies, B

Art History, Criticism and Conservation, B

Art/Art Studies, General, B

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, B

Asian Studies/Civilization, B

Asian-American Studies, B

Astronomy, B

Astrophysics, B

Behavioral Sciences, B

Biochemistry, B

Biological and Physical Sciences, B

Biology/Biological Sciences, B

Biophysics, B

Botany/Plant Biology, B

Business/Managerial Economics, B

Canadian Studies, B

Cell/Cellular Biology and Histology, B

Central/Middle and Eastern European Studies, B

Chemistry, B

Child Development, B

Cinematography and Film/Video Production, B

City/Urban, Community and Regional Planning, B

Classics and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, B

Cognitive Psychology and Psycholinguistics, B

Cognitive Sciences, B

Community Organization and Advocacy, B

Comparative Literature, B

Computer and Information Sciences, B

Computer Graphics, B

Computer Programming/Programmer, B

Computer Science, B

Creative Writing, B

Dance, B

Design and Applied Arts, B

Developmental and Child Psychology, B

Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia, B

Directing and Theatrical Production, B

Drama and Dramatics/Theatre Arts, B

Dramatic/Theatre Arts and Stagecraft, B

Drawing, B

East Asian Studies, B

Ecology, B

Economics, B

Education, B

Elementary Education and Teaching, B

English Language and Literature, B

English Literature (British and Commonwealth), B

Environmental Biology, B

Environmental Design/Architecture, B

Environmental Health, B

Environmental Sciences, B

Environmental Studies, B

Ethnic and Cultural Studies, B

Ethnic, Cultural Minority, and Gender Studies, B

European History, B

European Studies/Civilization, B

Evolutionary Biology, B

Family and Consumer Economics and Related Services, B

Film/Cinema Studies, B

Film/Video and Photographic Arts, B

Fine/Studio Arts, B

Foods, Nutrition, and Wellness Studies, B

Forest Sciences and Biology, B

Genetics, B

Geochemistry, B

Geography, B

Geology/Earth Science, B

Geophysics and Seismology, B

Health Science, B

Hispanic-American, Puerto Rican, and Mexican-American/Chicano Studies, B

History, B

History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, B

History Of Philosophy, B

Human Development and Family Studies, B

Humanities/Humanistic Studies, B

Interdisciplinary Studies, B

Intermedia/Multimedia, B

International Business/Trade/Commerce, B

International Economics, B

International Relations and Affairs, B

International/Global Studies, B

Islamic Studies, B

Jazz/Jazz Studies, B

Jewish/Judaic Studies, B

Journalism, B

Kindergarten/Preschool Education and Teaching, B

Kinesiology and Exercise Science, B

Labor and Industrial Relations, B

Latin American Studies, B

Law and Legal Studies, B

Liberal Arts and Sciences Studies and Humanities, B

Linguistics, B

Literature, B

Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography, B

Mass Communication/Media Studies, B

Mathematics, B

Medical Microbiology and Bacteriology, B

Medieval and Renaissance Studies, B

Molecular Biology, B

Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies, B

Music, B

Music History, Literature, and Theory, B

Music Theory and Composition, B

Musicology and Ethnomusicology, B

Natural Sciences, B

Near and Middle Eastern Studies, B

Neuroscience, B

Oceanography, Chemical and Physical, B

Painting, B

Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution, B

Philosophy, B

Photography, B

Physical Sciences, B

Physics, B

Physiological Psychology/Psychobiology, B

Plant Genetics, B

Political Science and Government, B

Pre-Law Studies, B

Pre-Medicine/Pre-Medical Studies, B

Pre-Veterinary Studies, B

Psychology, B

Public Health (MPH, DPH), B

Public Policy Analysis, B

Radio and Television, B

Religion/Religious Studies, B

Russian Studies, B

Science, Technology and Society, B

Sculpture, B

Secondary Education and Teaching, B

Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education, B

Social Sciences, B

Sociobiology, B

Sociology, B

Soil Chemistry and Physics, B

Soil Microbiology, B

Solar Energy Technology/Technician, B

South Asian Studies, B

Southeast Asian Studies, B

Statistics, B

Technical Theatre/Theatre Design and Technology, B

Telecommunications, B

Theatre Literature, History and Criticism, B

Theatre/Theatre Arts Management, B

Tibetan Studies, B

Urban Studies/Affairs, B

Western European Studies, B

Women's Studies, B

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Degrees Offered by Hampshire College

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Degrees Offered by Hampshire College