Childhood Cancer Foundation

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Childhood Cancer Foundation

1300 Yonge St., Ste. No. 405
Toronto, ON, Canada M4T 1X3
Ph: (416)489-6440
Fax: (416)489-9812
Free: 800-363-1062
E-mail: [email protected]

Childhood Cancer Foundation Scholarships (Undergraduate/Scholarship)

Purpose: To provide scholarships to young Canadians who are in treatment or who have survived childhood care. Focus: Cancer. Qualif.: Applicant must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant; must be between the ages of 17-25 years and be either treated for some form of childhood cancer or still be on treatment. Criteria: Scholarship is based on financial need.

Funds Avail.: $300-$1,000, depending on the availability of funds. Number Awarded: 51 in 2007. To Apply: Applicant must write a 300-500 word letter describing their future academic goals and reasons for applying for the scholarship; must provide a letter of acceptance; a statement from their doctor, pediatrician or oncologist stating that they have had some form of childhood cancer; must print and complete the application form available online. Application form and requirements must be sent to Scholarship Program, Childhood Cancer Foundation, 1300 Yonge St., Ste. 405, Toronto, ON M4T 1X3. Deadline: June 30.

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