Chewing and Smokeless Tobacco, Snuff

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Smokeless tobacco (ST), referred to by many as "spit tobacco" is tobacco designed for oral use where no combustion takes place, such as occurs when one smokes tobacco. The tobacco is placed in the mouth, in the form of snuff (moist, dry, sachet) or chewing (loose-leaf, plug, twist), where several compounds are absorbed through the mucous membrane. Since the 1970s, the practice of using smokeless tobacco has grown at a steady rate in the United States especially among young white males. Smokeless tobacco is a nicotine-delivery system. Reports reveal no differences between cigarette smokers' and snuff users' intensity of addiction. Smokeless tobacco is not a safe alternative to cigarette smoking but can cause disease and addiction.

Elbert D. Glover

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Chewing and Smokeless Tobacco, Snuff

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