Sturm, Leonhard Christoph

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Sturm, Leonhard Christoph (1669–1719). German mathematician and architect. He published a treatise on Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem (1694) in which he endeavoured to prove the building's Divinely inspired dimensions and proportions were the basis for Classical architecture (a notion that resurfaces every so often). He designed parts of the Lustschloss (Pleasure Palace) of Salzdahlum (1694–1702), with its celebrated picture-gallery. Later, he completed the Church of St Nikolai auf dem Schelfe, Schwerin, from 1708, after which he published Architektonisches Bedenken von der protestantischen Klein Kirchen Figur und Einrichtung (Architectural Reflections on the Form and Arrangement of Protestant Churches—1712 and 1718). His main importance lies in his theoretical writings, of which there are many.


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