Sheaf, Plural Sheaves

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Sheaf, Plural Sheaves

a collection of things bound together; a large bundle; a cluster of flowers; leaves. See also garb, gavel.

Examples : sheaf of arrows, 1318; of banners, 1863; of barley, 1796; of beans, 1862; of blooms, 1882; of painting brushes, 1855; of columns (of liquid), 1857; of corn, 1717; of fire, 1811; of telegraph forms, 1888; of glass (bundle of six plates), 1402; of grain; of hemp; of jets of flame; of jets of water; of letters, 1865; of librarians; of lines (geometry); of rain, 1888; of rays (light rays); of reeds, 1846; of rye; of snakes, 1631; of spears, 1805; of steel (30 pieces), 1495; of timber, 1534.

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