MBM Arquitectes

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MBM Arquitectes. Martorell-Bohigas-Mackay Arquitectes was established in Barcelona, Spain (1962), by Josep Maria Martorell i Codina (1925– ), Oriol Bohigas i Guardiola (1925– ), and David John Mackay (1933– ), joined in 1985 by Albert Puigdomenech i Alonso (1944– ). An influential firm, it was largely responsible for the transformation of that city up to and beyond the Olympic Games (1992). Among significant designs were the Pavilion of the Future, Expo 92, Seville (1992), and the Harbourmaster's House and Sailing School, Olympic Port, Barcelona (1989–91). In the Mollet City Block, Barcelona (1983–7), many typologies were explored, while the high-level street, so usually a disaster, was made to work. Other buildings include the Villa Escarrer, Palma de Mallorca (1985–8), in which certain geometries derived from Palladio were explored, and the earlier Santa Agueda development, Benicassim, Castelló (1966–7).


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