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372. Ingratitude

  1. Anastasie and Delphine ungrateful daughters do not attend fathers funeral. [Fr. Lit.: Père Goriot ]
  2. Glencoe, Massacre of Campbell clan, having accepted hospitality of the MacDonalds for more than a week, attacked their hosts, killing 38. [Scot. Hist.: EB, IV: 573]
  3. Goneril and Regan two evil daughters of King Lear; their monstrous ingratitude upon receiving his kingdom drives him mad. [Br. Lit.: King Lear ]
  4. Lucius enjoyed Timons generosity; refuses him loan when poor. [Br. Lit.: Timon of Athens ]
  5. Lucullus Timons false friend; forgets all too easily his generosity. [Br. Lit.: Timon of Athens ]
  6. Sempronius shared in Timons bounty; denies him loan when poor. [Br. Lit.: Timon of Athens ]
  7. ten lepers of the ten lepers cleansed by Jesus, only one returned to thank him. [N. T.: Luke 1119]

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