Houses, Fateful

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339. Houses, Fateful

  1. Manderley place of Maxim de Winters unhappy marriage, and of his happy one, goes up in flames. [Br. Lit.: D. duMaurier Rebecca in Magill I, 806]
  2. Northanger Abbey medieval house where Catherine Morland imagines dungeons, ghosts, and mysterious events. [Br. Lit.: Austen Northanger Abbey in Magill II, 750]
  3. Satis House scene of Miss Havishams reclusive life and fiery death. [Br. Lit.: Dickens Great Expectations ]
  4. Tara plantation home of Scarlett OHara. [Am. Lit.: Margaret Mitchell Gone With The Wind ]
  5. Thornfield Hall home where Jane Eyre met Mr. Rochester and where he perishes in a fire. [Br. Lit.: Charlotte Brontë Jane Eyre ]
  6. Wuthering Heights remotely situated home where Heathcliff nurses his vengeful plans. [Br. Lit.: Emily Brontë Wuthering Heights in Magill I, 1137]

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