Gimson, Ernest William

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Gimson, Ernest William (1864–1919). Leicester-born English architect and designer, he was an admirer of William Morris and worked (1885–8) with Sedding. Gimson formed an association with the Barnsley brothers (1893), and moved to Sapperton, Glos., where he designed The Leasowes Cottage (c.1901— much altered) and various artefacts. He was a convinced follower of the Arts-and-Crafts movement: his houses include Inglewood, Ratcliffe Road (1892), and The White House, North Avenue (1897), both in Leicester, and Stoneywell and Lea Cottages, Charnwood Forest, Leics., two remarkable essays in the vernacular cottage style. He designed the Hall and War Memorial Library, Bedales School, Steep, Hants., after 1919.


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