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duc·tile / ˈdəktl; -ˌtīl/ • adj. (of a metal) able to be drawn out into a thin wire. ∎  able to be deformed without losing toughness; pliable, not brittle. ∎ fig. (of a person) docile or gullible. DERIVATIVES: duc·til·i·ty / dəkˈtilitē/ n.

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ductile •tactile • pantile •erectile, insectile, projectile •gentile, percentile •reptile •sextile, textile •hairstyle • freestyle • fictile • epistyle •peristyle • acetyl • lifestyle • hostile •homestyle •butyl, futile, rutile, utile •ductile • fluviatile • infantile •decastyle • mercantile • cyclostyle •volatile • hypostyle • tetrastyle •hexastyle • versatile • fertile •turnstile • servile • meanwhile •erstwhile • exile

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ductile malleable; flexible, pliable. XIV. — (O)F. — L. ductilis, f. duct-; see prec. and -ILE.

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