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spat·ter / ˈspatər/ • v. [tr.] cover with drops or spots of something: passing vehicles spattered his shoes and pants with mud. ∎  scatter or splash (liquid, mud, etc.) over a surface: he spatters grease all over the stove. ∎  [intr.] fall so as to be scattered over an area: she watched the raindrops spatter down. • n. a spray or splash of something. ∎  a sprinkling: there was a spatter of freckles over her nose. ∎  a short outburst of sound: the sharp spatter of shots.

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spatterattar, batter, bespatter, chatter, clatter, flatter, hatter, Kenyatta, latter, matamata, matter, natter, patter, platter, ratter, regatta, satyr, scatter, shatter, smatter, spatter, splatter, yatter •abstractor, actor, attractor, compactor, contractor, enactor, exactor, extractor, factor, infractor, protractor, redactor, refractor, tractor, transactor •Atlanta, banter, canter, infanta, levanter, manta, ranter, Santa, tam-o'-shanter •adaptor, captor, chapter, raptor •Antofagasta, aster, Astor, canasta, Jocasta, oleaster, pasta, piastre (US piaster), pilaster, poetaster, Rasta, Zoroasterdragster, gagster •Baxter • prankster • hamster •gangsta, gangster •malefactor • benefactor •pitter-patter • subcontractor •chiropractor

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spatter Fluid basaltic pyroclasts which accumulate by fallout from a Strombolian volcanic eruption column to form a rampart around the vent. The individual clots are so fluid when they land that they often mould together, like flattened pancakes.

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spatter XVI. frequent. f. imit. base repr. also in LG., Du. spatten burst, spout, WFlem. spatteren; see -ER4

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