Davisian cycle

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Davisian cycle (cycle of erosion) Orderly series of stages through which land-forms were believed to pass from their initiation following uplift to their final planation by erosion. The main stages were those of youth, when hillslopes were steep and river profiles irregular; of maturity, when river profiles were smoothly concave-up and incision had markedly slowed; and of old age, when the landscape was reduced to a gently undulating surface or peneplain. This framework for land-form studies has now largely dropped out of use.

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Davisian cycle The orderly series of stages through which it is suggested that land-forms pass from their initial uplift as hills or mountains until erosion finally reduces them to plains. The main stages are youth, when hill gradients are steep and river profiles irregular, maturity, when rivers are incising into the surface more slowly and their profiles are smoother, and old age, when the landscape has a gently rolling surface or is a peneplain. This framework for the study of land-forms is now little used.