Norton, Andre

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Born Alice Norton, 17 February 1912, Cleveland, Ohio

Also writes under: Andrew North

Daughter of Adalbert F. and Daisy Stemm Norton

Although famous as a fantasy and science fiction author for juvenile readers, Andre Norton has written in various genres. Her choice of profession was influenced by her high school teacher of creative writing, under whose encouragement Norton wrote her first book, Ralestone Luck (1938). She originally planned to become a history teacher, but during the Depression took a job at the Cleveland Public Library, and for some years worked at various libraries, including the Library of Congress, until ill health forced her to become a full-time writer. Her love for history reveals itself in many of her novels, particularly the early titles. Typical of these are Huon of the Horn (1951), set in the time of Charlemagne; Scarface (1948), about the exploits of a pirate; Follow the Drum (1942), about colonial Maryland; and Yankee Privateer (1955), a historical adventure about privateering.

In 1934 Norton legally changed her name from Alice to Andre, intuiting that a masculine pseudonym would sell more books. She published her first science fiction novel in 1952, Star Man's Son, 2250 A.D. (reissued as Daybreak, 2250 A.D., 1954), which was warmly received. Many of Norton's science fiction novels feature an adolescent male and are strictly adventure stories. Night of Masks (1964) is typical; it is an adventure story that takes place on the planet Dis, which is lit by a red sun. Only with special goggles can one see in its infrared light. Here Nik Kolherne, an orphan outcast with a severely disfigured face, is sent on an adventure with Vannie, a younger boy wanted by several warring interests. Kolherne agrees to kidnap the boy and takes him to Dis in exchange for plastic surgery on his face and a chance at a normal life. While on Dis, however, he rescues the boy, and in the end Kolherne has a new face as well as an understanding of the responsibilities accompanying manhood.

To even the most familiar and routine fast-moving adventures, Norton brings added dimensions by varying the ethnicities of her characters in a genre in which white male heroes are the norm. American Indian heroes are featured in several of Norton's novels: The Beast Master (1959), The Sioux Spaceman (1960), and The Defiant Agents (1962). These heroes are often exiled from Earth and thrust out to survive on an alien planet. Ordeal in Otherwhere (1964) is the first science fiction story to feature a female heroine, and Storm over Warlock (1960) features the first black protagonist in this genre. Other novels such as Star Man's Son have mutant heroes in ethnically varied worlds.

In later years, Norton increasingly featured female protagonists. Her Witch World series, with its strong, talented women and mysterious matriarchal society, has been extremely successful. Her protagonists as a rule are impetuous, adaptable loners who feel a kindred to animals. Many are shapeshifters or share their adventures with bestial allies, notably with cats or catlike beings. Her tormented adolescent, sometimes orphaned heroes struggle to survive and find a place to belong.

Supporting Norton's themes of conflict and communication between the individual and society, magical powers and talismans are often central to her fiction. She often gifts her characters with the abilities for telepathy and teleportation and with props such as magical gems and amulets. Her particular interest in stones as the source of, or aid to, magical talents has been widely remarked. Her heroes feel a strong attachment to nature and her plots dramatize her distrust of technology run amok. Even her futuristic tales are flavored with Earth's past: Norton often draws on folklore, myth, and feudal societies in her world-building.

Norton draws clear, striking portraits of alien ways and settings. This attention to detail, to the establishing of the human in the nonhuman, makes Norton's writing popular. She is one of the most prolific and bestselling of all fantasy and science fiction writers. She has also been a respected editor, both at Gnome Press from 1950 to 1958 and as an anthologist. She has written many series, and allows other writers to write in her invented universes. Norton earned the Grand Master or "Gandalf" award for lifetime achievement from the World Science Fiction Association in 1977. She lives in Florida, where she continues to write and collaborate.

Other Works:

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