Weale, Anne (Andrea Blake)

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(Andrea Blake)

PERSONAL: Married Malcolm Blakeney; children: one son. Hobbies and other interests: Walking, reading, sketching, gardening, sewing, and visiting art galleries and museums.

ADDRESSES: Agent—c/o Author Mail, eHarlequin.com, P.O. Box 5190, Buffalo, NY 14240-5190. E-mail[email protected].

CAREER: Writer and journalist. Former staff reporter for Eastern Evening News, Norwich, England, Western Daily Press, Bristol, England, and Yorkshire Evening Press, York, England.



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Also author of Turkish Delights, 1993, Tequila Sunrise, 1994, Seascape, 1995, Never Go Back, 1995, Sophie's Secret, 1996, A Night to Remember, 1996, A Marriage Has Been Arranged, 1997, The Youngest Sister, 1997, The Impatient Virgin, 1998, The Bartered Bride, 1998, Sleepless Nights, 1999, Desert Honeymoon, 1999, Worthy of Marriage, 2000, A Spanish Honeymoon, 2002, and Sea Change, 2002.


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Columnist, "Bookworm on the Net," for Bookseller (magazine).

SIDELIGHTS: Anne Weale is a prolific romance novelist who has written dozens of romances and has used her extensive world travels as background for her stories. She has written tales set in England, New England, Fiji, Thailand, Europe, and other locations, and is noted for her detailed descriptions of place. Her novel Yesterday's Island, for example, is set on Nantucket, an island off the coast of Massachusetts that once served as a major port for whaling ships. In addition to the romantic story told in Yesterday's Island, readers of the novel can also learn a great deal about whaling and the history and customs of the historic port.

Weale told CA: "I was first published in my twenties. In the early years of my career I observed the restrictions imposed by magazine editors who paid high fees for serialization rights. Later, when I was established, I wrote three ground-breaking novels, Blue Days at Sea (1981), which had the first black hero and heroine in a Mills & Boon romance, followed by Antigua Kiss (1982), and Ecstasy (1983), which helped to pave the way for more realistic love scenes than had been permitted earlier. My recent romances have been inspired by the village in Spain which is my winter home. I spend the summer months on an island off the coast of France. I'm still an enthusiastic traveler in my mid-seventies, and my most recent journey was to the High Atlas Mountains in North Africa."



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