Volanski, John J. 1956-

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VOLANSKI, John J. 1956-


Born May 13, 1956, in Geneva, OH; son of John L. and Rita (Oliva) Volanski; married April 2, 1986; wife's name Christie; children: Mitch Wilson, Joshua Wilson. Education: Ohio State University, B.S. (electrical engineering), 1979, M.B.A., 1987. Hobbies and other interests: Audio recording, martial arts, volleyball, music.


Agent—c/o Author Mail, Pacific Beach Publishing, P.O. Box 90471-A002, San Diego, CA 92169. E-mail—[email protected].


Engineer and technical writer. Employed as an electrical engineer by aerospace and defense industry. Holds U.S. patent on "console for providing virtual reality environments."


Product of the Year award, Securities Industry Association, 2000, for Integra Digital Video Time-lapse Recorder.


Sound Recording Advice, Pacific Beach Publishing (San Diego, CA), 2002.

Contributor of articles to periodicals, including Avionics, Electronic Musician, Aftertouch, and Keyboard.


John J. Volanski explained in an interview posted on his Web site that Sound Recording Advice began as a series of articles he published in Electronic Music magazine. "I wrote quite a bit of it, then lost interest and put it on the shelf for several years. then I started thinking that I should link all these articles together and write a book on home studio recording.… I finally decided to put together an instruction manual that discusses all of the basic aspects of home recording studios, including what equipment to buy and where to get it."

An electrical engineer, Volanski has operated a home recording studio since the early 1980s, and has designed and developed many electrical and audio systems for entertainment, as well as surveillance and avionic applications. As he explained in his interview: "Being an electrical engineer with an audio engineering background, I approach the subject of home recording from the technical side, rather than the musician's side. The trick is to explain technical subject such as grounding, power conditioning, acoustics, and other related issues in a factual yet simplified way so as to not turn off the musicians who are really only interested in recording their own music. I wrote the book from a do-it-yourself viewpoint, so that the home studio owner would not just buy equipment off the shelf but also really be involved with the inner workings of the studio."



John J. Volanski Web site,http://www.johnvolanski.com (November 20, 2003).