Scarr, Deryck 1939-

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Scarr, Deryck 1939-

(Deryck Antony Scarr)

PERSONAL: Born September 7, 1939, in Newbury, Berkshire, England; son of Denis Wilfred (a civil servant) and Alberta Keturah Scarr. Education: University of Exeter, B.A., 1961; Australian National University, Ph.D., 1965.

ADDRESSES: Home—Macquarie, Australian Capital Territory, Australia. E-mail[email protected].

CAREER: Australian National University, Canberra, research fellow, 1964-68, fellow, 1968-71, senior fellow in Pacific history, 1971-97. University of Adelaide, visiting senior lecturer, 1980, 1989. Member of editorial board, Journal of Pacific History, 1966—.


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Contributor to history journals. Journal of Pacific History, coeditor and review editor, 1966-85, editor, 1991.

SIDELIGHTS: Deryck Scarr once told CA: “I write because it is both my profession and my passion to do so—a form of vicarious living, admittedly. Since, at one level, life can be in a manner so lived, it may as well be in places which, in another age, I might have chosen for their vigor, color, ethnic diversity, seafaring cultures, and good or at least warm climate, such as the islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

“These I came to imaginatively in the beginning as a child, through Ballantyne and Stevenson; then largely by chance, professionally, as a graduate student working on large and largely untouched archival resources in Fiji and elsewhere in preference to remaining in Britain on a study of sixteenth-century Plymouth; and then, in the case of Seychelles, by invitation. In these places I can enjoy, travel apart, the processes of research and of writing while being surrounded by worlds different but not totally estranged from those with which I am concerned in the mind.

“When the matter is as newly discovered as it is immediate and compelling, as has generally been the case in my career—good; when by chance it may elucidate some current question or bear upon some myth being concocted for political purposes—not too bad, either. The chase is always the spur, and the accurate, evocative conveying to paper is the great pain and pleasure.”



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