Reardon, B.M.G. 1914–2006

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Reardon, B.M.G. 1914–2006

(Bernard Morris Garvin Reardon)

OBITUARY NOTICE—See index for CA sketch: Born April 9, 1914, in London, England; died February 28, 2006. Priest, educator, and author. Reardon was a longtime faculty member of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, and was recognized in particular as an authority on nineteenth-century historical theology. Earning a master's degree, he was educated at Keble College, Oxford, and at Ripon Hall. He was ordained in the Anglican Church in 1938, and then was assigned a curacy at Saffron Walden. Not long afterwards, World War II began and Reardon served as an army chaplain in India and the Middle East. After the war, he held rector positions in Kelly, Devonshire, and Parham, Sussex. In 1963 he joined the faculty at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne as a lecturer. Thereafter, he felt that teaching was his most important mission. Reardon remained at the university for the rest of his career, becoming head of the department of religious studies. As a scholar, he was interested in the history of theology, becoming best known for his writings about the nineteenth century. Among these are From Coleridge to Gore: A Century of Religious Thought in Britain (1971), which was later published in a new edition as Religious Thought in the Victorian Age: A Survey from Coleridge to Gore (1980; 2nd edition, 1995), Liberalism and Tradition: Aspects of Catholic Thought in Nineteenth-Century France (1975), and Religion in the Age of Romanticism: Studies in Early Nineteenth-Century Thought (1985).



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