Quinn, Edward 1932–

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Quinn, Edward 1932–

PERSONAL: Born January 5, 1932, in Brooklyn, NY; son of Edward and Margaret Quinn; married Gail Murphy (a teacher), September 1, 1956; children: Deirdre, Colin, David, Jenny. Education: Brooklyn College (now of the City University of New York), B.A., 1958; New York University, M.A., 1959, Ph.D., 1963.

ADDRESSES: HomeNew York, NY.

CAREER: Educator and writer. City College of the City University of New York, New York, NY, assistant professor, 1965–70, associate professor, 1970–75, professor of English, then professor emeritus of English, beginning 1975. Military service: U.S. Army, 1952–53; became sergeant; received Bronze Star.


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SIDELIGHTS: In History in Literature: A Reader's Guide to 20th Century History and the Literature It Inspired, retired university professor Edward Quinn alphabetically lists historical events and persons—such as the civil rights movement, the Korean War, Adolf Hitler, and John F. Kennedy—and then the subsequent literature associated with them. Quinn also provides a brief critical analysis of each of the works cited as well as a list of further readings. "Little exists that looks at history from this literary perspective," wrote Terry Ann Mood in Reference & User Services Quarterly. Mood also noted: "Edward Quinn's book is one for browsing." Kim Harris, writing in Library Journal, commented that the author's "concepts are easy to understand" and recommended the volume for use "both in and out of the classroom."

Quinn once told CA: "My books reflect two major interests: Shakespeare, on the one hand, and the quality and style of American life in the past two decades."



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Quinn, Edward 1932–

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