Phillips, Michael R. 1946–

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Phillips, Michael R. 1946–

(Michael Ray Phillips)

PERSONAL: Born December 13, 1946, in Arcata, CA; son of Denver C. (a businessman) and Eloise (a bookkeeper; maiden name, Clark) Phillips; married Judy Margaret Carter (a teacher), October 24, 1971; children: Robin and Patrick (twin sons), Gregory. Education: Attended Lincoln University, 1964; Humboldt State University, B.S. (magna cum laude), 1969, graduate study, 1984–. Religion: Christian.

ADDRESSES: Home—Eureka, CA. Office—, P.O. Box 7003, Eureka, CA 95502.

CAREER: One Way BookShop, Eureka, CA, president and general manager, 1970–. Founder, president, and general manager of One Way Ltd. (Christian book stores), Santa Rosa, CA, and North Bend, OR.



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SIDELIGHTS: Michael R. Phillips is the author and editor of many books and coauthor with Judith Pella of many more, including the "Stonewycke" series. Phillips and his wife, Judy, founded the One Way BookShop while students at Humboldt University. They carried Christian titles, and Phillips soon began writing his own books, first offering advice to Christian families, and then about other topics important to his faith. His books have sold in the millions, and he has written nonfiction inspirational books, as well as novels, many of them in series. Because they home school their three boys, they can travel as a family as Phillips visits bookstores and readers across the country.

Phillips, who according to his Web site, is descended from Scottish royalty, discovered the writing of fellow Scot George MacDonald in the 1970s. The Victorian author, described by G.K. Chesterton as "one of the three or four greatest men of the nineteenth century," was an inspiration to many notable authors of his time, but he is largely unknown today. He was a friend to Mark Twain, and the two planned a collaborative novel that unfortunately never developed, and which would have been interesting considering the differences in the two men. MacDonald was a devout Christian whose faith touched many during his literary career. Phillips began to edit MacDonald's dialect-laden novel Malcolm, but it was years before he found a publisher. The edited version was such a success that Phillips continued editing MacDonald books so that they would be accessible to contemporary readers, entering into what would become a lifetime project. He has written studies of MacDonald, as well as a biography, George MacDonald: Scotland's Beloved Storyteller.

Other nonfiction books include Make Me like Jesus: The Courage to Pray Dangerously, in which Phillips reveals that for more than three decades, he has prayed to become like Christ. He writes of his own path in his spiritual development and suggests choices that others might follow. A Publishers Weekly contributor noted that this volume is not for beginners, but for "mature Christians … but they will be richly rewarded by the profound simplicity of this book."

Among Phillips's series is one that begins with The Garden at the Edge of Beyond, set in the late nineteenth century. The protagonist is Charles Rutherford, a man who wakes to find himself in an alternate world where he is able to discuss theology with characters who could be MacDonald and C.S. Lewis. In Wild Grows the Heather in Devon, his wife, Jocelyn, is ashamed of a birthmark and stays on their estate. Jocelyn also experiences a religious conversion that makes their marriage stronger, but Amanda, one of their three children, rejects their faith and begins to separate from them. In the follow-up, Wayward Winds, Amanda Rutherford marries a man she knows would be unacceptable to her parents and soon finds out that she does not know him as well as she thought she did. Melissa Hudak noted in the Library Journal that "readers of historical fiction should find much to enjoy here."

Rift in Time finds British archeologist Adam Livingstone torn between his science and his faith. Adam discovers biblical artifacts, including Noah's Ark, and then searches for the Garden of Eden, but terrorist forces try to prevent him from accomplishing his mission and proving the truth of the Bible. Adam is aided by Juliet Halsay, the niece of his housekeeper, and whose parents were recently killed by a terrorist bomb. Hudak wrote that "this exciting thriller should appeal to most readers." In the sequel, Hidden in Time, Adam and his team are bringing the ark down from Mount Arafat and planning to seek the ark of the covenant.

The "Shenandoah Sisters" series begins with Angels Watching over me, the story of two teen girls, one black, one white, who are orphaned during the Civil War and who form a bond for survival. Mayme is the slave who finds refuge on Katie's plantation. They decide to keep the death of Katie's parents secret until Katie is old enough to inherit the property. In A Day to Pick Your Own Cotton, the next book of the series, the task of day-to-day living is described, as are threats to the girls' safety. The series concludes with The Color of Your Skin Ain't the Color of Your Heart.

Phillips told CA: "I am a Christian who first began writing with an emphasis on Christian didactic nonfiction. As I have progressed and deepened as a writer, however, I have realized the limitations of such a genre and have therefore turned to other forms. My edited work of George MacDonald's novels, as well as the original fiction I am now publishing, are additional means for communicating the basic truths in which I believe. My desire as a writer and editor is to convey truth from a Christian perspective. I do not intend to propagate any form of narrow religious dogma, but I do intend my writing to reflect the broad scope of right, truth, and integrity which is so lacking in much of what is being published today.

"I would not say, however, that this represents the actual reason 'why' I am a writer. Like most writers, I suppose, I am the sort of person who is driven to express, to communicate. I love to write, to make sense of complex issues and ideas, and to communicate those notions in an enjoyable format. I would write whether I was a Christian or not. I am not on a divine mission to the world. I am an author because writing and seeking truth are what make me the person I am. My motivation is to entertain and give pleasure, but it cannot be helped (and I would not alter it if it could) that my world view, which is necessarily Christian, comes through in the characters I create.

"At present I view myself as a novelist, biographer, and historian, and I feel that it is in these areas where my true abilities may lie. My intention at present is to continue writing novels, both historical and contemporary, with an occasional biography now and then.

"My highest priorities are my wife and family, which—along with the management of my business—come even ahead of my writing, notwithstanding the output I have been able to generate as a writer. A commitment to my family is the source from which everything else comes.

"I have traveled extensively, in both the United States and Europe, and I have studied German and French. As a result of my work on MacDonald's novels, I am interested in Scotland and plan to return to Europe for historical background and future writing. I intend to write much more Scottish and European historical fiction."



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