Parrish, Robin 1975-

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Parrish, Robin 1975-


Born October 13, 1975, in MI; married; wife's name Karen. Education: Attended college.


Home—High Point, NC. E-mail—[email protected]


Writer and editor. Infuze Web magazine, creator and editor-in-chief.


Relentless (novel), Bethany House (Minneapolis, MN), 2006.

Fearless (novel), Bethany House (Minneapolis, MN), 2007.

Contributor to various Web sites, including and


Robin Parrish's debut novel, Relentless, is the first book in a proposed trilogy and was first brought to the attention of publishers when Parrish serialized part of the story in his Web magazine Infuze. The sci-fi tale, which was called "one fine debut novel," by Jenn Wright on, focuses on the concept that people are able to be transferred into new bodies in what is called the "Shift." The protagonist, Collin Boyd, "shifts" into Grant Borrows, taking on an identity of a man who is being pursued by unknown assailants and for unknown reasons, at least unknown to Collin. As a result, Collin sets out to discover why he was "shifted" and why he is wearing a ring that will not come off. Marty Medley, writing on the Armchair Interviews Web site, commented: "Non-stop action makes Relentless hard to put down!" Booklist contributor John Mort wrote: "Teen fans of the X-Men will love this." Several reviewers also noted the novel's Biblical themes, which are tied in as the book progresses. Blogcritics Web site contributor Violet Nesdoly, for example, wrote: "The Christian aspect of this book is found in the existential questions it poses and its symbolism." Nesdoly also commented: "As a plot-maker, Parrish does a masterful job of weaving his universe of characters … into the non-stop action."



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