Outcalt, Todd 1960–

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Outcalt, Todd 1960–


Born October 12, 1960, in Vincennes, IN. Ethnicity: "Caucasian." Education: Indiana State University, B.A.; Duke University, M.Div.


E-mail—[email protected]


United Methodist pastor.


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Author of "Nuptials" and "For the Groom," both regular columns in Bride.


Todd Outcalt once commented: "When I was twelve years old, someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said, ‘A writer.’ There was no way of knowing then, however, what it would take to become a published writer. I just knew I wanted to write. My first published piece was a three-line poem I had written as a high school senior. I was paid five dollars for my effort but didn't have the courage to tell many people about it.

"Since then, I've written mountains of material, for teenagers especially, but I continue to enjoy all types of writing and literature. Over the years I've written several novels (none yet published), hundreds of short stories and humorous pieces, and now a few books. Most of what I write, however, will never see print.

"I believe the simplest definition of a writer still holds: a writer is someone who writes. Some writing finds its way into print, other writing does not. Sometimes payment follows, sometimes not. But a writer can never forget that words still have power, that there are still many avenues of the human experience yet to be explored and recorded. Although I have written but few books, I have received mail from many corners of the earth—letters from people I'll never meet, but who have found something beneficial in my work. That's enough to keep any writer writing."