Firth, Brian W. 1926-

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FIRTH, Brian W. 1926-


Born February 7, 1926, in London, England; son of Cyril (a pharmacist) and Evelyn (a clerk) Firth. Ethnicity: "Anglo." Education: City and Guilds College, B.Sc. (with honors), 1946; Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, diploma, 1947. Politics: Libertarian. Religion: "Puritan."


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University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, lecturer, 1965-68; University of Nevada, Reno, associate professor, 1968-69; Nevada Auto Test Center, Carson City, test engineer, 1970-72; Mobility Systems and Equipment, Los Angeles, CA, project engineer, 1982-90; Garrett Forensic Engineers, Los Angeles, forensic engineer, 1990-96.


The Constitution of Consensus, Peter Lang Publishing (New York, NY), 1987.

The Firm League of Friendship, Elderberry Press (Oakland, OR), 2003.

Book reviewer for periodicals, including Los Angeles Daily Journal and West Coast Review of Books.


Brian W. Firth told CA: "Any engineer can see that every product in use today could easily be improved: why do better mousetraps not appear? Because, throughout history, liberty has been violated by power-seekers. Today we see decadence all around us. Even Americans imagine that a society can be governed by mere majority. Scrutiny of the Constitution will reveal that the U.S. Supreme Court has no more authority to decide by majority than does a jury. In truth, the Constitution is strictly democratic: the many state officers have the first word always and the last word also where the matter is important (by AND with the advice AND consent)."