Fairweather, Sally 1917-2006 (Sally Hallberg Fairweather)

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Fairweather, Sally 1917-2006 (Sally Hallberg Fairweather)


See index for CA sketch: Born September 29, 1917, in Evanston, IL; died November 22, 2006, in Chicago, IL. Businessperson and author. Fairweather was co-owner and founder of the Fairweather-Hardin Gallery in Chicago. She studied art at the Roycemore School and the Art Students Center, completing a B.A. at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1939. Unfortunately, a severe back injury made pursuing an artist's career impossible, and so Fairweather decided to work as an art instructor at the Katherine Lord School in Evanston. After marrying and starting a family, she quit teaching in 1943. Fairweather still wished to remain in the art world, however. In 1947 she founded her own art gallery, which was initially based in her own home. Partnering with friend Shirley Hardin, she slowly expanded the gallery's collection. They had to move it twice as a result: first to a location on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago, then to East Ontario Street. Supporting artists such as Max Kahn and Margo Huff, the gallery owners ran a successful business for more than three decades and were respected members of the Art Dealers' Association of America. After closing the gallery's doors, Fairweather spent her retirement traveling the world. She was the author of Picasso's Concrete Sculptures (1982).



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Fairweather, Sally 1917-2006 (Sally Hallberg Fairweather)

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