Broadwater, Robert P. 1958–

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Broadwater, Robert P. 1958–


Born June 3, 1958, in Meyersdale, PA; son of Paul W. and Carolyn Broadwater; married Susan McNelis, April 21, 1979 (divorced, February, 2003); children: Kelly C. Cowher. Education: Attended Pennsylvania State University, Altoona Campus, 1976-78; ICS, A.A., 1992; University of Canterbury, B.A., 2006. Politics: Republican. Religion: United Church of Christ.


Home and office—Bellwood, PA. E-mail—[email protected]


Career business administrator and writer. Dixie Dreams Press, Altoona, PA, founder, 2003. Military reenactor; public speaker; tour guide to Civil War sites.


Descendants of Civil War Veterans (charter member; past president), Sons of Confederate Veterans, Kiwanis.


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Author of a monthly column on Civil War collectibles for Military Trader, 1998-2005. Contributor of more than one hundred articles to magazines, including Military History Illustrated, World War II, Army, Civil War Times Illustrated, Military Reenactor, Confederate Veteran, and America's Civil War.