Adams, Dale E. 1962-

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Adams, Dale E. 1962-


Born June 19, 1962, in Cincinnati, OH; son of Edward (a milk deliverer) and Marilyn (a homemaker) Adams; married Kathy L. Jones (a professor and writer), June 28, 1980; children: Anthony. Ethnicity: "Caucasian." Education: Attended University of Cincinnati and College of Mount St. Joseph. Hobbies and other interests: Travel.


Home—Franklin, OH. Office—Dater High School, 2146 Ferguson Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45238. E-mail—[email protected]


Cincinnati Public Schools, Cincinnati, OH, teacher, currently at Dater High School. Military service: U.S. Army, served as warrant officer; currently retired.


(With wife, Kathy L. Adams) Urban Education: A Reference Handbook, American Bibliographical Center-Clio Press (Santa Barbara, CA), 2003.


Dale E. Adams told CA: "I never had any inclination to write when I was in high school. I never felt that I had any special talent (which still holds true) that would drive me to create. I was also incredibly lazy. I only discovered that I enjoyed writing after I retired from the military (a mutual decision). I can only assume that, after facing down a two-star general in a maintenance meeting, all other petty fears of inadequacy become meaningless.

"My writing style is rather simplistic. Rather than put adequate thought into what I am going to say, I tend to throw my words on the screen. This method has some freedom to it, but it requires a great deal of revision. I also find that this method helps to overcome my total inability to spell. I rely heavily on spell-check tools on my word processor and my wife, who enjoys pointing out these things.

"I think that my primary motivation for writing is that I have a need to lessen the feeling of marginalization that I sometimes feel. This is certainly true with public education. I personally feel that public education, urban public education specifically, is under attack from the conservative movement. If those of us who know firsthand the challenges of teaching in these classrooms do not try to ‘educate’ the electorate, then that uniquely American institution will be lost.

"Writing also allows some of the voices in my head to express themselves. I also find it is much cheaper than therapy."

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Adams, Dale E. 1962-

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