Wolkenstein, Oswald Von

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Wolkenstein, Oswald Von

Wolkenstein, Oswald von, South Tirolean Minnesänger; b. Schöneck in Pustertal, c. 1377; d. Merano, Aug. 2, 1445. He led an adventurous life, traveling through Russia, Persia, Greece, Spain, France, Italy (with King Ruprecht in 1401), etc. For several years (from 1415) he was in the service of King (later Emperor) Sigismund, whom he accompanied to the Council of Constance. The musical settings that he devised for his poems are notable for their genuine melodic quality; some of them are in 2-part and 3-part counterpoint; there are also examples of canonic imitation. For his output, see J. Schatz and O. Keller, eds., Oswald von Wolkenstein: Geistliche und weltliche Lieder, ein- und mehrstimmig, Denkmäler der Tonkunst in Österreich, XVIII, Jg.IX (1902), K. Klein, W. Weiss, N. Wolf, and W. Salmen, eds., Die Lieder Oswalds von Wolkenstein (Tübingen, 1962; 2nd ed., rev., 1975 by H. Moser, N.R. Wolf, and N. Wolf), B. Wachinger, ed. and tr., Oswald von Wolkenstein: Eine Auswahl aus seinen Liedern (Ebenhausen, 1964), H. Moser and U. Müller, eds., Oswald von Wolkenstein: Abbildungen zur Überlieferung, I: Die Innsbrucker Wolkenstein-Handschrift (Göppingen, 1972), and U. Müller and F. Spechter, eds., Oswald von Wolkenstein: Handschrift A in Abbildung (Stuttgart, 1974).


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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Wolkenstein, Oswald Von

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