Ward, Robert

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Ward, Robert (b Cleveland, 1917). Amer. composer and conductor. Taught at Juilliard Sch. 1946–56 and Columbia Univ. 1946–8. Managing ed. Galaxy Music (Publishers) 1956–67. Won Pulitzer Prize 1962 with opera The Crucible. Pres., N. Carolina Sch. of Arts, 1967–75, prof. of comp. 1975–9. Prof. of mus. Duke Univ., N. Carolina, from 1979. Works incl. operas He Who Gets Slapped (1956) and The Crucible, 5 syms., pf. conc., sax. conc., Yankee Overture, choral mus., vn. sonata, str. qt., and songs.