Sorochintsy Fair

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Sorochintsy Fair (Sorochintskaya Yarmarka). 3-act unfinished opera by Mussorgsky to composer's lib. based on Gogol's story (1831–2). Comp. 1876–81. Mussorgsky completed only the prelude, the market scene and part of the next, most of Act 2, a scene based on his Night on the Bare Mountain, an instr. episode, and 2 songs. Ed. 1904 and 1912 by Lyadov and Karatygin: version from these edns. prod. Moscow 1913. Completion by Cui prod. Petrograd 1917; by Tcherepnin prod. Monte Carlo 1923, NY Met 1930, London 1934. Completion by Shebalin pubd. 1933. Sometimes spelt Sorochints Fair or called The Fair at Sorochintsi.