Reichardt, Luise

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Reichardt, Luise

Reichardt, Luise , German singing teacher and composer, daughter of Johann Friedrich Reichardt; b.

Berlin, April 11, 1779; d. Hamburg, Nov. 17, 1826. She settled about 1813 in Hamburg, where she was active as a singing teacher; also conducted a women’s chorus that became the core of the Hamburg Singverein in 1819. She wrote more than 90 choruses and songs, both sacred and secular. Selections of her works were publ. by G. Rheinhardt (Munich, 1922) and N. Reich (N.Y., 1978).


M. Brandt, Leben der L. R. (Karlsruhe, 1858; 2nd ed., 1865).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire