Nauwach, Johann

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Nauwach, Johann

Nauwach, Johann, German composer; b. Brandenburg, c. 1595; d. probably in Dresden, c. 1630. By 1607 he was a choirboy in Dresden, and in 1612 he was sent to Italy for further study by the Elector of Saxony. He studied in Turin and Florence, receiving instruction on the lute from Lorenzo Allegri, then returned to Dresden in 1618 where he later was made a chamber musician. His first collection of songs shows the major influence of Caccini and other Italian monodists, while the second is historically important as the first German vol. of continuo lieder.


Libro primo di arie passeggiate a una voce per cantar e sonar nel chitarrone (Dresden, 1623); Erster Theil teutscher Villanellen mit 1, 2 und Stimmen auf der Tiorba Laute, Clavicymbel und andere Instrumenta gerichtet (Dresden, 1627).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis Mclntire