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Morris, Robert (Daniel)

Morris, Robert (Daniel) , English-born American composer, teacher, and music theorist; b. Cheltenham, Oct. 19, 1943. He studied composition at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, N.Y. (B.Mus., 1965), and at the Univ. of Mich. (M.Mus., 1966; D.M.A., 1969). He taught at the Univ. of Hawaii (1968–69), and then was on the faculty of Yale Univ. (1969–77), where he was director of the electronic music studio (1972–77) and chairman of the composition dept. (1973–77). From 1976 to 1980 he served on the staff of the music dept. of the Univ. of Pittsburgh. In 1980 he joined the faculty at the Eastman School of Music, where he was prof. of theory and composition from 1985 to 1998, and then was prof. of composition and chairman of the composition dept. from 1998. In 1992 he became chairman of the editorial board of Perspectives of New Music.He publ. Composition with Pitch-Classes: A Theory of Compositional Design (New Haven, 1987) and Class-Notes for Atonal Theory (1990), and over 20 articles on the theory and analysis of 20th century music and Indian music.


dramatic:Hagoromo for Soprano, Bass, Men’s Chorus, 2 Flutes, 3 Violins, String Bass, and Bells (1977); also incidental music. ORCH.: Syzygy (Ann Arbor, April 13, 1966); Continua (New Haven, Dec. 14, 1972); Streams and Willows, flute concerto (Pittsburgh, Nov. 12,1974); In Different Voices for Symphonic Band (New Haven, Feb. 28, 1976); Tapestries for Chamber Orch. (1976); Interiors (Pittsburgh, March 7, 1978); Cuts for Large Wind Ensemble (1984; Rochester, N.Y, April 4, 1986); Just Now and Again(1987); Clash (Rochester, N.Y, May 25, 1988); Concerto for Piano and Wind Ensemble (1988); Bad Lands, concerto for Flute and Wind Ensemble (1991); Concerto for Piano and Strings (1994); Pilgrimage(1997). chamber:San-gita 67 for Flutes, Strings, and Percussion (1967); Varnam for 5 Melody Instruments and Percussion (1972); Motet on Doo- Dah for Alto Flute, Double Bass, and Piano (1973); Not Lilacs for Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Piano, and Drums (1974); Throughout (Anyway) for 4 Flutes (1975); The Dreamer Once Removed for Carillon and 4 Trumpets (1976); String Quartet (1976); 3/4/5 for 3, 4, or 5 Players (1977); Plexus for Woodwind Quartet (1978); Tigers and Lilies for 12 Saxophones (1979); Vira for Tuba, Flute, Crotales, and Gongs (1980); Tournament for 12 or 24 Trombones (1981); 2’s Company for 8 Instruments (1982); Saraswati’s Children for Melody Instruments, Percussion, and Drone (1985); Arci for String Quartet (1988); Pari Passu for Violin and Percussion (1988); Out and Out for Clarinet and Piano (1989); 3 Musicians for English Horn, Horn, and Bass (1989); Traces for Flute and Piano (1990); A Fabric of Seams for 8 Instruments (1990); Along a Rocky Path for Clarinet, Violin, and Piano (1993); Broken Consort in 3 Parts for 6 Players (1994); Refrains for Cello and Piano (1995); Cora Chorus for 3 Harps or Any Multiple Thereof (1996); Tete a Tete for 2 Guitars (1999). Piano: Trip, Tusk, Night Vapors(1967); Cairn(1969); Phrases(1970); Bhayanaka for Piano, 4-Hands (1977); Either Ether(1978); Allies for Piano, 4-Hands (1979); Variations on a Theme of Steve Reich(1980); Diamond(1982); 4 Voices in 3 Voices(1983); Alter Egos(1985); Twice(1987); Clear Sounds Above Hills and Water (1989); Little Harmonic Labyrinth(1989); Terrane(1990); Doing Time, suite (1991); Canonic Variations for 2 Pianos (1992); Where a Cord Ends(1994); Bits and Pieces(1994); By Far(1995); Odds and Ends(1996); Floating Points(1996); Wabi(1996); Sabi(1998); Something Now for Piano, 4-Hands (1998); 9 Pieces (1999). VOCAL: Forgotten Vibrations for Soprano and Chamber Ensemble (1967); ...Versus...for 5 Altos, Chamber Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, and Double Bass obbligato (1968); Lorelei for Soprano, Bass, Flutes, Cellos, and Piano, 4-Hands (1970–71); Q for Chorus and Orch. (1976); Haiku Cycle for Soprano and Piano (1978); Hamiltonian Cycle: Chorus(1979); 4-fold Heart Sutra for Baritone, Men’s Chorus, Piano, and Vibraphone (1984); Wang River Cycle for Mezzosoprano and 8 Instruments (1985); A Time for Soprano and 8 Instruments (1987–88); (19) Cold Mountain Songs for Soprano and Piano (1993). electronic:Entelechy for Voice, Cello, Piano, and Electronics (1969); Phases for 2 Pianos and Electronics (1970); ...Delay...for String Trio and Tape (1971; rev. 1972); Thunders of Spring over Distant Mountains (1973); Bob’s Plain Bobs for 4 Percussionists and Tape (1975); Curtains for Pipe Organ and Tape (1976); Entelechy ’77 for Piano and Electronics (1977); Flux Mandala for Tape (1977–78); Shanti for Clarinet and Tape (1979); Ghost Dances for Flutes and Tape (1980); Aubade for Tape (1981); Exchanges for Piano and Tape (1982); Night Sky Scroll for Tape (1984–85); Amid Flock and Flume for Flute and Tape (1986); To the 9 for Guitar and Tape (1991); Ma(1992); Entanglement for Viola and Electronics (1998); About the Same(1999); On the Go for Clarinet and Electronics (1999).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis Mclntire

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